Join Our Global Army of Health Transformers™

StartUp Health invests in Health Transformers who have the mindset to achieve Health Moonshots. 

We maximize the powerful reach of StartUp Health’s modern media platform and global network to help Health Transformers continually attract the partners, customers, talent, and investors at every stage of their company’s growth that will drive success and increase their company’s equity value. StartUp Health’s Transformer Funds also invest in Health Transformers as they scale their companies by making follow on investments in rounds that meet transparent investment criteria.

Over the past seven years StartUp Health has built a family of media channels — collectively known as The StartUp Health Network — that reaches an engaged global audience of more than 200,000 people who matter most to a Health Moonshot Company’s success: partners, customers, investors, patients, and caregivers. What first began as a weekly newsletter and blog has grown into the multi-channel StartUp Health Network and now includes an online community, a mobile app, exclusive invite-only events like our StartUp Health Festival, a digital and print magazine, web shows, podcasts, and powerful social media channels.

Quarter after quarter, year after year, The StartUp Health Network features inspiring stories, thought leadership, and details about the progress each company is making along their journey, providing them with valuable exposure, validation, and ongoing visibility to a growing worldwide audience. This unique platform helps companies build credibility and increase their equity value over time by transforming them into powerful magnets to continually attract new customers, talent, and investors who will partner with them, work for them, and invest in them.

The StartUp Health team coaches Health Transformers on how to break through the noise, empower their biggest champions, and create fertile ground to grow. At least every 90 days, through a unique combination of community-based quarterly workshops, online strategic thinking tools, and expert office hours, our Health Transformers refresh their company Tear Sheet and Investor Update with their latest story, company achievements, and accountability metrics so that StartUp Health and all of their other champions, including investors, board members, and advisors, can collaborate with them to support them as they grow and scale. 

StartUp Health’s global army of Health Transformers is the largest and most connected community of health innovators in the world, giving every member extraordinary access and support. Every quarter, we select Health Transformers from up to 20 companies to become lifetime members of our exclusive founder community, which now includes hundreds of entrepreneurs from more than 250 companies in 20+ countries and six continents. We connect these founders together both online and offline to share insights and resources, learn what’s working and not working, identify who’s helpful and not helpful, and leverage the power of our collective networks.

Our long-term model is not predicated on a short-term push, a one-time demo day, one-off introductions, or varying advice from mentors. Quarter after quarter, and through every stage of a StartUp Health Company’s growth, we act like the conductor of an orchestra of their biggest champions, helping our companies continually attract the partners, customers, investors, and talent they need to succeed. The bottom line is that we strive to be among the most valuable and collaborative partners on a Health Transformer’s cap table.


Master the Health Moonshot Mindsets

We help entrepreneurs succeed as Health Transformers by helping them master the Health Moonshot Mindsets, a suite of 24 mindsets that help entrepreneurs become powerful magnets to continually attract the right team, customers, investors, and partners.


You are “all in” and will do whatever it takes to transform health

You are surrounded by like-minded people who encourage you
Quarterly &
Weekly Rhythm

You recalibrate every 90 days and begin each week with purpose

You always convey confidence regardless of the obstacles
You are coachable and aware of your and others' unique abilities
Healthy Habits
You have a clear mind and healthy body and practice gratitude
Value Creator
You are continually making your future bigger than your past/span>
You always provide energy and have no tolerance for those who drain yours

VIP Access to StartUp Health HQ

StartUp Health’s digital platform used by Health Transformers during (and in between) each workshop is designed to centralize the collective relationships, knowledge, and wisdom of our global community. Health Transformers have 24/7 access to their private company channels and quarterly playbooks so you can always benefit from the StartUp Health Academy, regardless of how busy you are or where you’re located.

Your profile promotes your company and gives you access to fellow Health Transformers, StartUp Health Coaches, investors, and customers within the StartUp Health Network
Strategic Toolkit
Leverage scorecards, templates, worksheets, and resources that help you navigate your company’s most difficult challenges and biggest opportunities
Gain Visibility &

Reach a growing audience of more than 200,000 influencers around the world through StartUp Health’s Health Transformer media platform that includes newsletters, podcasts, and social content
Industry Event

A global calendar of networking, industry events, and conferences through our partnerships with event organizers help Health Transformers access discounts, pitch opportunities, and showcases
Investor & Customer
Smart Lists

Create custom lists of investors, customers, and partners crowdsourced from StartUp Health and the community of Health Transformers
StartUp Health
Insights Pro™

Search our database of digital health funding, tracking over $47B of funding across 4,500+ deals since 2010

Connect and collaborate with fellow Health Transformers from all over the world with diverse backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and unique abilities
Health Transformer

Connect with the experts at implementing the tools and concepts of the Academy and accessing relationships in the Network
VIP Festival

Priority access to the annual StartUp Health Festival in SF designed to showcase Health Transformers and connect to more than 2,000 leaders, investors, and customers

Take advantage of more than $500,000 in perks and discounts from leading industry providers

Health Transformer Testimonials

Andrei Zimiles
There is great power in the community StartUp Health has built and we’re honored to be a part of it. It’s safe to say that we wouldn’t be where we are today if not for some of the doors they opened for us.
Andrei Zimilies
CEO & Co-founder,
Jean Anne Booth
Watch the Video
It has been such a phenomenal thing, and that’s from me, a serial entrepreneur. StartUp Health has helped us with fundraising, our messaging, our strategies, and branding.
Jean Anne Booth
CEO & Co-founder, UnaliWear
Jonathan Dariyanani
Watch the Video
It’s probably saved us a year — this one event [the StartUp Health Festival] — connecting with everyone from a global CEO to the CIO of a pharma company to a hospital system CEO to our peers who we can share intelligence with and get encouragement. It’s brought us customers, given us new thinking, and made us aware of technology we hadn’t seen before.
Jonathan Dariyanani
Chief Scientist & Co-founder, Cognotion
Pinaki Dasgupta
Watch the Video
The Mindset of a Health Transformer that the StartUp Health team coaches on has made a big impact. Of getting things done, rolling up your sleeves, and waking up every day to transform healthcare. The mindset of “yes we can” is what makes a difference.
Pinaki Dasgupta
CEO & Co-founder, Hindsait

Every quarter, we invite extraordinary entrepreneurs to receive access to StartUp Health Moonshot Academy and become members of our global army of Health Transformers™.

To gain access, you are first invited to experience StartUp Health Moonshot Academy via the virtual Masterclass Series where you will meet StartUp Health’s founders, spend time with our team of Coaches, and begin creating value together.

The best way to understand how to get value out of being a Health Transformer is to first experience our coaching, feel the impact of the Health Transformer community, learn about the StartUp Health Network of customers, investors, and experts, and understand how to leverage StartUp Health’s powerful promotion platform that reaches over 200,000 stakeholders globally.

During the Masterclass Series, you will have access to tools and templates to hone your Health Transformer and Moonshot Company Stories. You’ll receive feedback from our team on your company materials and will walk away with a completed Virtual Data Room to prepare you for future partnerships.

Following successful completion of the Masterclass Series, select entrepreneurs will be invited to our diligence process and considered for the StartUp Health Moonshot Academy.

The Process

Tell Your Story
Complete the 10-Minute Mindset Audit to get started.
Experience the StartUp Health Masterclass Series virtually and meet StartUp Health founders and team of coaches.
Select companies are invited to Diligence and presented with StartUp Health Moonshot Academy Terms & Conditions.
Partner With Us
Begin lifetime membership in StartUp Health Moonshot Academy!

Upcoming Masterclass Series

Health Moonshot Company Masterclass - Wednesday, October 3, 12-1:30pm ET
Health Transformer & Partnership Masterclass - Tuesday, October 10, 12-1:30pm ET

Masterclass Testimonials

I think I have found my new extended family! The whole dialogue, message, and sharing really was powerful and resonated with me very much. What a breath of incredible fresh air.
Thanks to the entire StartUp Health team for putting on the Masterclass Series. I felt like I now belong to a BIG community of like minded people who would like to contribute to healthcare.
We loved the Masterclasses and the entire process. We did the class as a team and started thinking about new ways to market ourselves.
I must thank you for the Masterclasses. They really gave me a lot of confidence that I was moving in the right direction.
I am looking forward to learning from the coaching and mentors, and contributing to — and benefitting from — the community and connections. I know the Academy will help amplify our company’s opportunity to make a powerful contribution to a healthier America.