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How does StartUp Health help me build a Moonshot Story?

StartUp Health guides all Health Transformers in shaping their Moonshot Story and developing a bold vision that clearly and powerfully communicates how your company is transforming health so that you become a magnet for the world’s best talent, customers and investors. Via structured coaching workshops, StartUp Health’s coaches and your fellow Health Transformers help you articulate the different aspects of your Health Moonshot Company, from its short-term goals to its long-term impact. 

How does StartUp Health help me build a backable team?

StartUp Health coaching and workshops are designed to help you become a magnet for attracting A+ talent, world-class advisors and impactful board members. StartUp Health also leverages its global network to help Health Transformers promote and find the talent they need to build a backable team.

How does StartUp Health help me build a differentiated brand?

StartUp Health leverages its media platform and network to share your Moonshot stories and amplify you your stories and position you as a thought leader. Health Transformers can leverage StartUp Health’s media platform including social media channels, targeted newsletters, video podcasts and HEALTH TRANSFORMER digital magazine to reach more than 150,000 influencers, investors and potential partners around the world.

How does StartUp Health help me pressure-test my business model?

StartUp Health pressure tests your business model to assess whether it is utilizing substantial network effects and repeatable sales processes. As part of this pressure-test, StartUp Health’s coaches will audit your financial models to ensure you have market-leading metrics. It’s all part of an effort to coach you through the process of building a scalable business.

How does StartUp Health help me build valuable partnerships?

Having evaluated and participated in thousands of deals, StartUp Health coaches are uniquely qualified to guide you through moments of value creation as well as your most challenging struggles. StartUp Health’s coaches assist you in analyzing partnership and acquisition deals, and will audit your virtual data room to ensure you’re ready for interactions with partners, investors, and customers.

How does StartUp Health help me evaluate my technology?

StartUp Health provides Health Transformers with tools that enable them to craft Moonshot Stories -- stories that clearly and powerfully communicate their technology’s value. We also give them the opportunity to connect with and gain feedback from both fellow Health Transformers and representatives from the world’s leading health, wellness, and innovation companies.

How does StartUp Health help me acquire capital to execute on my Moonshot?

Through the Moonshot Academy’s Quarterly Workshops, StartUp Health helps you become a powerful magnet to attract the right partners and investors. StartUp Health’s network includes thousands of investors ranging from angels and seed to corporate and venture investors. Health Transformers can access investors through events like our investor dinner salons, annual StartUp Health Festival, and work with our coaches to create smart lists to target investors who match your criteria, stage and focus. Additionally, StartUp Health gives you exclusive access to StartUp Health Insights, the most comprehensive database of digital health funding and funders, which has tracked nearly $45 billion of funding into 4,000 startups by more than 3,000 investors since 2010.


Our Partnership

What is a Health Transformer?

A Health Transformer™ is a successful entrepreneur working to achieve their Health Moonshot who is also a member of StartUp Health Moonshot Academy. Health Transformers are selected for StartUp Health Moonshot Academy because they are distinguished from average entrepreneurs who are committed for the long term, surrounded by supportive relationships, recalibrate quarterly, and are confidently ambitious, self-aware, practice healthy habits, create value, and are batteries included. By adopting the Health Moonshot Mindset, entrepreneurs become powerful magnets continually attracting the talent, investors, customers, and partners they need to achieve their Health Moonshot. By collaborating and working together as a global force for good, Health Transformers are making an extraordinary impact on the world’s health and wellbeing. Finally, Health Transformers simply believe in paying it forward by supporting and helping their fellow Health Transformers.

What is a Health Moonshot Company?

A Health Moonshot Company is striving to achieve at least one of StartUp Health’s 10 Health Moonshots: Access to Care, Cost to Zero, Curing Disease, Ending Cancer, Women’s Health, Children’s Health, Nutrition & Fitness, Brain Health, Happiness & Mental Health, and Longevity. As members of StartUp Health Moonshot Academy, Health Transformers learn to transform their companies from regular digital health companies into Health Moonshot Companies. A Health Moonshot Company has a compelling story, a backable team, a differentiated brand, increasing traction, a scalable business model, proprietary technology, valuable partnerships, and capital to execute. Most importantly, building a Health Moonshot Company helps entrepreneurs become a magnet to attract the partners, capital, and talent needed to accomplish its Health Moonshot Mission.

What are Health Moonshot Partners?

Health Moonshot Partners are the individuals, companies, and institutions that are long-term, supportive customers, investors, and partners to Health Transformers. They embody the eight Health Moonshot Partner Mindsets we believe are required to accelerate success and are aligned and excited to help Health Transformers achieve their Health Moonshot. They have CEO or leadership urgency, aim to be a model for others, have momentum with startups, are champions of entrepreneurs, align with startups around value creation and capability, and have a committed team and capital dedicated to working with startups. Together they form an ecosystem of support around Health Transformers.

Why do Health Transformers recalibrate every quarter?

It’s critical for a Health Transformer to step back to evaluate what worked and what didn’t work each quarter so s/he can double down on what worked and iterate on what hasn’t. Every quarter, we require Health Transformers to participate in three Recalibration Workshops, to focus on their own mindset, their company’s mindset to assess where progress has been made in the company, or their partners’ mindsets so they can actively evaluate the partners on their target list and make sure the pipeline has value-add partners and is not pitching anyone and everyone. The StartUp Health Moonshot Academy is designed as a long-term program to measure, improve, and reinforce these mindsets through three Workshops each quarter. By giving Health Transformers the opportunity to make a positive shift in their mindsets and goals, the Workshops allow their companies to take a huge leap forward each quarter.

What is a Health Transformer Coach?

Every one of the more than 20+ full-time team members at StartUp Health is a Health Transformer Coach. They support Health Transformers in a variety of ways, including helping them implement the tools and concepts of the Academy, identifying relationships in the Network, and guiding them through critical moments of value creation and thinking through their company’s toughest challenges. While Health Transformer Coaches don’t tell an entrepreneur what to do, they will guide them to the people or tools they need during moments of value creation, where equity value is either built or lost, such as successfully navigating financing rounds, cultivating and building a great team, or helping evaluate and filter M&A opportunities.

Why is StartUp Health a long-term program?

Reimagining health and wellness is hard. For an entrepreneur to succeed in this industry, an “all in” mindset and “do what it takes for as long as it takes” approach is essential. At StartUp Health, we believe an entrepreneur’s partners need to be “all in” too, supporting an entrepreneur as early as the launch of their company to well into its growth phase when they are no longer a startup. It could take longer than 90 days or sometimes nine months just to get a meeting and you need long-term collaborations and commitment from everyone helping you, including customers, investors, and partners. That’s why StartUp Health Moonshot Academy is a program for the life of your business and not a 90-day accelerator, 12-month incubator, or traditional investment firm. For as long as it takes, we are long-term thought partners and sit on the same side of the table and support Health Transformers during the long journey to achieve their Health Moonshots.

“We believe no one can or should have to do it alone, which is why we have a 25-year mission to organize and support a global army of Health Transformers to improve the health and wellbeing of everyone in the world,” said Steven Krein, CEO of StartUp Health. “And just like you, we’re all in.”

What does it mean to be a part of StartUp Health's Global Army of Health Transformers?

It means you are no longer alone. When an entrepreneur joins StartUp Health’s Global Army of Health Transformers, they join a global movement that is attracting thousands of “batteries-included” entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders dedicated to making a leap forward in transforming health and wellbeing for the world. The ability to collaborate with fellow Health Transformers helps entrepreneurs overcome obstacles and produce a meaningful impact. Being organized into Health Moonshot communities enables them to work closely with a global ecosystem of companies committed to solving the same problems they’re addressing. No longer alone, an entrepreneur in StartUp Health’s Global Army of Health Transformers has access to the feedback, advice, and support of peers from around the world.

“Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk all built companies that have transformed our lives,” said Unity Stoakes, president of StartUp Health. “If a single entrepreneur can change the world, imagine what an army of us can do marching together to solve the biggest health challenges of our time.”

How does StartUp Health's equity model work?

StartUp Health earns a small percent of founder equity in companies in exchange for lifetime membership in and access to programming of StartUp Health Moonshot Academy (equivalent to $200,000 scholarship). While short-term accelerators' typical model is to exchange 6-8% equity for $20,000 to $100,000 in cash, a few weeks of mentorship, and a demo day, StartUp Health’s model is to earn between 2% to 8% in exchange for its long-term program (for the lifetime of the business) and ongoing access to coaching, support, and resources designed to help entrepreneurs build valuable relationships with partners, investors, and customers. While StartUp Health does not invest up front, we have capital allocated to participate via a follow-on investment for companies that meet our criteria.

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6 Full Time, including
3 Leadership
2-3 Full Time 1-2 Full Time Not Full Time Yet


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Multiple Customers
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& Case Studies
Proof of Concept No Traction Yet


In Market Beta Prototype No Product Yet


Raised 3rd Party Capital Raised F&F / Angel Capital No Outside Capital Raised No Capital Raised

By sharing equity with StartUp Health, we are sitting on the same side of the table as the founders and only win when they win. Instead of distributing lots of small checks, we invest millions of dollars each year into a 20+ person team, technology, resources, events, and a support infrastructure to support our Health Transformers. We leverage the network effect of this platform so together all Health Transformers benefit more than they would from a relatively small check a traditional investor can provide. We believe founders benefit much more from the community, access, and resources of the unique platform our team has developed over the course of hundreds of deals, our collective network of thousands of investors and customers, our comprehensive database of insights, and our global ecosystem of rigorously vetted Health Moonshot Partners.

“By entering the Moonshot Academy, adopting a Health Transformer Mindset, and joining the Global Army, entrepreneurs become powerful magnets, continuously attracting the talent and investment they need to improve the health and wellbeing of billions of people,” said Steven Krein, CEO of StartUp Health. “It’s a life-changing relationship that’s meant to last a lifetime.”

Why do Health Transformers make quarterly progress updates?

As a member of StartUp Health’s Global Army, entrepreneurs are able to draw upon the experience, insight, and wisdom of Health Transformers, Health Transformer Coaches, and Health Moonshot Partners from around the world. To ensure the feedback and advice they receive is useful, Health Transformers are required to update their profiles every quarter, sharing the progress they made over the last 90 days. Your up-to-date profile becomes your calling card for investors, customers, and the industry. And it makes it easy for StartUp Health to share your story with the world.

“The investors, entrepreneurs, and coaches in our Global Army are a Health Transformer’s biggest advocates,” said Unity Stoakes, president of StartUp Health. “By sharing their obstacles and opportunities, Health Transformers enable us to help them when and where they need it most.”

Why do Health Transformers crowdsource relationships and wisdom?

Every day, Health Transformers around the world are meeting with potential investors, partners, and customers. They share what they learn from these interactions with StartUp Health and the Health Transformer community, allowing us to maintain the industry’s most comprehensive database of digital health insights. Through crowdsourced intel from a trusted community, members of our global army are able to quickly identify opportunities to accelerate the growth of their Health Moonshot Companies.


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Why is StartUp Health a lifetime program?

Reimagining health and wellness is hard. For an entrepreneur to succeed in this industry, an “all in” mindset and “do what it takes for as long as it takes” approach is essential. At StartUp Health, we believe an entrepreneur’s partners need to be “all in” too, supporting an entrepreneur from the launch of their company to well into its growth phase. That’s why StartUp Health’s Moonshot Academy is a lifetime program and not a 90-day accelerator, 12-month incubator, or a traditional investment firm. For as long as it takes, we sit on the same side of the table as the entrepreneurs and support Health Transformers during the ongoing company journey and challenges to achieve their Health Moonshots.

“Just like you, we’re on a mission to improve the health and wellbeing of everyone in the world,” said Steve Krein, CEO of StartUp Health. “And just like you, we’re all in.”

Why is StartUp Health organizing and supporting a global army of entrepreneur Health Transformers?

Entrepreneurship can be incredibly lonely and it helps to be surrounded by like-minded people who support you, encourage you, and believe in your vision. We want Health Transformers to learn from one another, sharing insights and best practices. We want to break down the silos between entrepreneurs and healthcare stakeholders and encourage them to stand with arms locked, because together we will transform health and wellness for billions of people.

Why does StartUp Health place so much emphasis on my confidence?

Entrepreneurs hear “no” a lot. At StartUp Health, we coach our Health Transformers to remain confident in the face of every rejection, obstacle, and barrier. As the founder of a Health Moonshot Company, this confidence will turn you into a powerful magnet, enabling you to attract the right customers, investors, partners, and team members. As a Health Transformer, it will fuel your ambitious vision to improve the health and wellbeing of everyone in the world.

Why is my self-awareness important?

For Health Transformers, self-awareness is one of their most important assets. Health Transformers with a high level of self-awareness are not only coachable, but listen for signals in their feedback versus the noise. Self-aware Health Transformers also know what their unique ability is -- and spend a majority of their time using it to grow their Health Moonshot Company.

Why does StartUp Health care about my healthy habits?

Burnout happens most frequently when an entrepreneur doesn’t have a healthy mind and body, resulting in poor decisions and stressed relationships. At StartUp Health, we encourage Health Transformers to embrace healthy habits like practicing gratitude, celebrating their wins, and nurturing their personal and professional relationships. We do this because when Health Transformers are in their best health, they make their best decisions -- and because their loved ones are more important than any company they might build.