Health transformer spotlights

Health Transformers take the stage to tell their own personal stories.

Babyscripts co-founders Anish Sebastian and Juan Pablo Segura are on a mission to end preterm birth by 2027. Watch the full spotlight and read our in-depth interview with Anish on HEALTH TRANSFORMER.

Jo Schneier, former CEO of Cognotion, has just launched his newest venture,, an AI-driven platform to simplify the process of signing up for Medicare and Medicaid benefits. Think of it as TurboTax for Medicare. Read more on HEALTH TRANSFORMER.

Maxwell Health is revolutionizing benefits management for employers and families. But the entrepreneurial life hasn’t always been easy, says co-founder Vinay Gidwanay. “We conditioned ourselves to never give up.” Hear Gidwanay’s story and read our in-depth interview on HEALTH TRANSFORMER.

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re excited to support Sally Poblete, CEO and Founder of Wellthie, in her mission to inspire more women to start health companies. Watch her full spotlight from the StartUp Health Festival and read our in-depth interview on HEALTH TRANSFORMER on the generations of women — both young and old — who have impacted and influenced her entrepreneurial journey.

Reed Mollins, co-founder of, shares three important life lessons derived from the rules of improv that can be applied to making you a successful entrepreneur, partner, and team member. Read our in-depth interview on HEALTH TRANSFORMER on how is taking the pain out of online physician reviews and watch his full spotlight from the StartUp Health Festival.

Jamey Edwards, co-founder and CEO of Cloudbreak Health, sheds light on the positive outcome of hard work and how this life lesson applies to excelling as an entrepreneur and Health Transformer.

Health Transformer Asif Khan, Founder & CEO of Caremerge, has made a long-term commitment to two very important Health Moonshots: helping people live longer, healthier lives while also reducing costs. Watch the spotlight and read our in-depth interview with Asif on HEALTH TRANSFORMER to learn about Caremerge's all-in-one platform for senior living care coordination.

“What was I thinking?” Hear Dr. Phil Marshall’s entertaining presentation on the ups and downs of his 20-year journey in healthcare and how he ended up launching Conversa with his co-founder, West Shell.

What drives Chris Cutter, founder & CEO of LifeDojo, as an entrepreneur? His Health Moonshot goal is to reverse human suffering and make sure every person is healthy, happy, and fulfilled. Watch the full spotlight and read our interview with Chris on HEALTH TRANSFORMER and the power of letting allowing employees to choose their own path to wellness.

How can Health Transformers keep their ‘batteries charged’ in places where there’s no electricity? Live from the 2018 StartUp Health Festival, Health Transformer Aschkan-Abdul Malek, co-founder of AlemHealth, shares how entrepreneurs can stay fully charged no matter the circumstances.