It's the most exciting time for health transformation in history.

At StartUp Health, we’ve seen what happens when you bring together people with the right mindset, a moonshot vision, and the spirit of an entrepreneur:

The impossible becomes possible.

That’s why, since 2011, we’ve been organizing and investing in a global army of entrepreneurs dedicated to achieving health moonshots.

This is a rocket ship, and we’ve filled it with fuel.

Howard Krein, MD, PhD, StartUp Health Chief Medical Officer

To the Health Transformers of the World:

We created StartUp Health to help you, the entrepreneur, thrive, scale, and ultimately achieve health moonshots. Our platform has three critical parts:

A Global Army of Health Transformers

We unite you with a global community of innovative health entrepreneurs who share transformational mindset principles and a commitment to achieving health moonshots. Currently our army includes:

  • 500

    Health Transformers
  • 299

  • 24

    Countries Represented
  • 31%

    Female Founders
  • 23%

    Serial Entrepreneurs
  • 21%

    MD/PhD Founders
  • $250M

    in Projected 2019 Revenue

StartUp Health Moonshot Funds

We invest in you alongside a curated set of best-in-class investors. Our data-driven investment markers represent a decade of deep assessments of entrepreneurs, investors, and deals.

We invest Pre-Seed to Series C

We invest alongside 375+ investors

StartUp Health IQ tracks $65B in funding across 8,300 companies

The StartUp Health Media Network

Our global, multi-channel media network amplifies your story and our entire global army's progress to the stakeholders who matter, 365 days a year. Our media channels include:

We’re leveraging the StartUp Health platform to achieve 11 Health Moonshots we believe will transform the health for everyone on the planet.

Access to Care

Together we can deliver quality care to everyone, regardless of location or income

Nutrition & Fitness

Together we can ensure access to food, water and a healthy lifestyle

Cost to Zero

Together we can reduce the cost of care to “zero”

Brain Health

Together we can unlock the mysteries of the brain to improve health and wellness

Cure Disease

Together we can rid the world of disease

Mental Health & Happiness

Together we can connect mind, body and spirit in the pursuit of wellbeing


Together we can end cancer as we know it


Together we can add 50 healthy years to every human life

Women’s Health

Together we can improve the health of every woman, closing the gender gap


Together we can end addiction and the opioid epidemic

Children’s Health

Together we can ensure that every child has access to quality care

When you join this army of Health Transformers, we unite you with like-minded entrepreneurs and amplify your story.

First, we connect you to a global peer network.

We give you unprecedented access to a curated network of investors, customers, partners, and individuals with a vested interest in your success.

We instantly connect you to hundreds of other entrepreneurs who share your transformational mindset and commitment to achieve health moonshots.

Meet the StartUp Health Community

Then, we provide you with continuous visibility on the StartUp Health Media Network.

We use our StartUp Health Media Network to regularly broadcast your stories of health transformation to a curated global audience of investors, customers, partners, and individuals.

Explore the StartUp Health Media Network

Our investment process focuses on you the entrepreneur. That’s why everything starts with a conversation.

We have a path for you.

No matter if your company is Pre-Seed or Series C, our platform gives you the amplification you need to achieve your health moonshot.

We follow a co-investment strategy and will directly invest in your current round based on our standard investment criteria.

If we do not directly invest in you, we have a program that is designed to afford you with the same benefits of our platform as the rest of your fellow Health Transformers.

Together we will achieve the impossible. Together we will improve the health and wellbeing for everyone in the world.


Get started by completing the StartUp Health Entrepreneur Introduction Form.


Once we’ve had a chance to review your information, we’ll be in touch within a few weeks to set up an initial call to get to know you. After that call, our Investment Committee will review your application in order to make a final decision.

Investors & Partners

Jerry Levin
Fmr Chair & CEO
Time Warner
Nick Turkal, MD
Advocate Aurora Health
Mark Cuban
Dallas Mavericks
Brad Feld
Managing Director
Foundry Group
Steve Case
Founder & Fmr Chair
Esther Dyson
Wayne Kimmel
Managing Partner
SeventySix Capital
Ira Brind
Pulse Equity Partner
Roger Ehrenberg
Managing Parter
IA Ventures
Leandro Sigman
Insud Pharma
Jason Finger
Founder & Fmr CEO
Nan Gardetto
EveryDayGood Foundation
Doug Galen
Linda Holliday
Jon Kaplan
Head Global Sales
And an additional 50+ angel and institutional investors

If you're interested in joining our Health Transformer community, contact us to learn more here:

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