Moonshot Moments

Health Transformers and innovators share inspiring insights about their Health Moonshots.

Richard Lee, Co-founder & CEO, Bravely

Erika Torres, Clinical Product Manager, SageSurfer

Dr. Elizabeth Truong, Co-founder & Chief Clinical Officer, Cloud 9

Maria Concetta Cilluffo, Co-founder & COO, E=mc2 no limits...

Erin McCloskey, Co-founder & CEO, E=mc2 no limits...

Shingai Samudzi, Co-founder & CEO, Primal Red

Jamey Edwards, Co-founder & CEO, Cloudbreak Health

Joseph Cellucci, CEO, Xverity

Raphael Ognar, Strategy Executive Advisor, 360MedLink

Dr. Arnon Krongrad, CEO, Allevion

David Sarabia, Founder, inRecovery

Hunter Howard, President, Hormone Therapeutics

Adam Simon, Co-founder & CEO, Cerora

Dr. Ravi Kamepalli, Global Health Director, Fruit Street Health

Avinash Kodey, Co-founder & CEO, MDOps

Suparna Ferreira, Co-founder & Chief UX Officer, Primal Red

Daniel Dudley, Co-founder & COO, Indago

Dr. Alex Baqui, Co-founder & CEO, Valhalla Healthcare

Dr. Kimberly Gandy, Founder & CEO, Play-It Health

David Duncan, CEO & Curator, Arc Fusion

Carlos Rodarte, Founder & Managing Director, Volar Health

Seemant Jauhari, Partner, HealthXCapital

Ken Lee, Founder & CEO, Healthbanc

Rob Attwell, Co-founder & COO, Careteam

Shameet Luhar, Co-founder & CEO, Vheda Health

JC Adams, Co-founder & CEO, Cloud 9

Roberto Ascione, CEO, Healthware

Paul Grand, CEO, MedTech Innovator

Cristian Pascual, Co-founder & CEO, Mediktor

Lynda Brown-Ganzert, Founder & CEO, Curatio

Miguel Johns, Co-founder & CEO, KingFit

Ritvik Singh, Co-founder & CEO, PsyInnovations

Jenny Gallagher, Co-founder & CEO, Help-Full

Tatyana Kanzaveli, Founder & CEO, Open Health Network

Steve Seuntjens, Partner, PHS Capital

Benjamin Flynn, Founder & CEO, Zeleo

Susan Bratton, Founder & CEO, Savor Health

Greg Guettler, President & CEO, MetaLogics

Kyle Chang, Co-founder & CEO, Health Tech Apps

Manu Kodiyan, Co-founder & CEO, Althea Health

Tony Estrella, Head of Health Innovation at LumenLab, MetLife

West Shell, Co-founder, CEO & Chairman, Conversa

Dr. Kim Kristiansen, Co-founder & CEO, Zignifica

Lance McCulloch, Co-founder & CEO, Curacase

Daniel Penn, Co-founder & CEO, Tickit Health

Greg Sommer, Co-founder & CSO, Sandstone Diagnostics

Eran Kabakov, Co-founder & CEO, Docola

Dr. Rasu Shrestha, Chief Innovation Officer, UPMC

Kaakpema “KP” Yelpaala, Co-founder & CEO, International

Dr. Daniel Kraft, Faculty Chair of Medicine, Singularity University

Michael Smolens, Founder & Chairman, dotsub

Anish Sebastian, Co-founder & CEO, Babyscripts

Rachel Sha, VP, Digital Business Development, Sanofi

Santosh Mohan, Head of More Disruption Please Labs, athenahealth

Dr. Leon Eisen, Founder & CEO, Oxitone

Yishai Knobel, Co-founder & CEO, Helparound

Navid Rastegar, Founder & CEO, FitBliss

Dr. Lisa Haile, Co-chair, Global Life Sciences Sector, DLA Piper

Josh Kaye, Managing Partner, Miami Office, and Chair, US Healthcare Sector, DLA Piper

Chrissa McFarlane, Founder & CEO, Patientory

Dr. Natalie Hodge, Co-founder & CMO, Preventscripts

Terry Stone, Managing Partner, Health & Life Sciences, Oliver Wyman

Eugene Borukhovich, Global Head, Digital Health Incubation & Innovation, Bayer

Hesky Kutscher, Founder & CEO, CareDox

Dr. Dean Ornish, Founder & President, Preventitive Medicine Research Institute

Prasun Mishra, Founder & CEO, Agility Pharmaceuticals

Etan Walls, COO, Allied Physicians Group

Sally Poblete, Founder & CEO, Wellthie

Irman Cronk, Co-founder & CEO, Ride Health

Itai Nevo, Partner, DLA Piper

Juan Pablo Segura, Co-founder & President, Babyscripts

Esther Dyson, Executive Founder, Way to Wellville

Jim Fields, Partner and Global Head of Health & Life Sciences, Oliver Wyman

Barton Warner, VP, Strategy and Portfolio Management, Bayer

Vishnu Saxena, Director of Healthcare Business Innovation, LiquidHub

Jo Schneier, Co-founder & CEO, Cognotion

Heather Bell, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Digital and Analytics, Sanofi

David Weingard, Founder & CEO, Fit4D

Melissa Buckley, Health Innovation Fund Director, California Health Care Foundation

Jean Anne Booth, Founder & CEO, Unaliwear

Victor Penev, Founder, Edamam

Hunter Howard, Founder & President, Hormone Therapeutics

Esther Dyson, Executive Founder, Way to Wellville

Matthew Holt, Co-chairman, Health 2.0

Lan Nguyen & Greg Hunter, Co-founders, ManageUP PRM

Lynda Brown, Co-founder & CEO, Curatio

Ira Brind, Founder, Brind Investments

Wayne Kimmel, SeventySix Capital Managing Partner and StartUp Health Board Member

Jean Anne Booth, Co-founder & CEO, UnaliWear

Leon Eisen, PhD, Co-founder & CEO, Oxitone Medical

Manu Kodiyan, Co-founder & CEO, Althea Health

Adam Simon, Co-founder & CEO, Cerora

Sean Kearney, Co-founder & Managing Director, Three Leaf Ventures

Andrei Zimiles, Co-founder & CEO,

Amy Landucci, Global Head of Digital Medicines, Novartis

Dr. Roberto Ascione, CEO, Healthware International

Dr. David Feinberg, President & CEO, Geisinger Health

Beth Sanders, Co-founder & CEO, LifeBio

Lauren Schafer, StartUp Health

Jennifer Hankin, StartUp Health

Callie Fisher, StartUp Health

Ian Manners, Co-founder & CEO, Vivor

Sabine Seymour, Co-founder & CEO, SUPAspot

Jonathan Dariyanani, Co-founder & Chief Scientist, Cognotion

Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson, Chief of Digital Innovation, Seattle Children's Hospital

Mark Liber, StartUp Health

Jussi Määtta, Co-founder & CEO, Buddy Healthcare

Alex Vealitzek, Co-founder, MyPeople Health

Jo Schneier, Co-founder & CEO, Cognotion

Colleen Hancock, SVP & COO, Babycenter (a J&J Company)

Dr. Daniel Kraft, Faculty Chair of Medicine, Singularity University

Joe Denney, AVP, Sanofi

Nicole Mowad-Nassar, VP of External Partnerships, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Cristian Pascual & Josep Carbo, Co-founders, Mediktor

Yinka Makinde, Programme Director, DigitalHealth.London

David Blauer, Co-founder & CEO, Bjond

Dr. James Wall, Pediatric Surgeon, Stanford Children's Health

Alex Guastella, Founder, Quick'rCare

Daniel Penn, Co-founder & CEO, Tickit Health

Pinaki Dasgupta, Co-founder & CEO, Hindsait

Stacy Taylor, Partner, DLA Piper

Victor Penev, Founder & CEO, Edamam

Ben Flynn, Co-founder & CEO, Bjond

Dr. Jason Bhan, EVP & Medical Director, Prognos

Sam Zebarjadi, Co-founder, Medicast (Acquired)

Sally Poblete, Co-founder & CEO, Wellthie

Sundeep Bhan, Co-founder & CEO, Prognos

Mike Biselli, President, Catalyst HTI

Michiel Allessie, Co-founder & CEO,

Hesky Kutscher, Founder & CEO, CareDox

Chris Cutter, Co-founder & CEO, LifeDojo

Ron Gutman, Founder & CEO, HealthTap

Bruce MacGregor, Partner, IDEO & David Duncan, CEO, Arc Fusion

Alexander Grunewald, Johnson & Johnson

Tony Estrella, LumenLab | MedLife Innovation Centre

Teddy Hodges, Founder & CEO, BRACEUNDER

Robert Niichel, CEO, Velóce Digital Health

Shingai Samudzi, Founder & CEO, ProjectVision

Dr. Thomas Tsang, Co-founder & CEO, Valera Health

Don Elliman, Chancellor, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

Dr. Robin Deterding, Medical Director, Center for Innovation, Children's Hospital Colorado

Dr. Richard Zane, Chief Innovation Officer, UCHealth

Dr. Nick Turkal, President & CEO, Aurora Health Care

Juan Pablo Segura, Co-founder & President, Babyscripts

Eugene Borukhovich, Global Head of Digital Health Incubation & Innovation, Bayer

Anne O’Riordian, Senior Managing Director, Accenture