Go to the moon with us.
Join our StartUp Health Academy.

Something magical happens when we bring together coachable entrepreneurs who embrace moonshot thinking and have the tenacity and drive to achieve audacious health goals.

StartUp Health works hard to be the most valuable line item on your cap table, bringing capital, community, connections, and content to fuel your company’s journey.

Here’s how:


Our intention is to invest in every StartUp Health entrepreneur over the lifetime of their business. All StartUp Health companies are eligible to receive an investment of up to $500,000 in follow-on capital during qualified company financings.


With 490+ other like-minded entrepreneurs on a shared mission, you’ll never be alone.

We gather entrepreneurs on the same health moonshot on a regular, consistent basis to share best practices, challenges, and successes.


You’ll be welcomed into a global community of 200,000 entrepreneurs like you, investors, providers, customers, and industry experts both online and off.

No matter what challenge you face, there’s an active member of the “Army” who has been there before and can help out.

Content Amplification

We champion you and your company’s progress by using our media network to shine a light on your story, establish credibility, and break through industry noise.

You’ll be celebrated at the StartUp Health Festival every January and regularly featured in StartUp Health Magazine, StartUp Health Insider, and across our social media channels.

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