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Organizing and Supporting a Global Army of Health Transformers to Improve the Health and Wellbeing of Everyone in the World

In 2011, StartUp Health introduced a new model for transforming health by organizing and supporting a global army of entrepreneurs called Health Transformers. StartUp Health is investing in 10 Health Moonshots with the long-term goal of improving the health and wellbeing of everyone in the world. With the world's largest digital health portfolio (more than 180 companies spanning 5 continents, 17 countries and 60+ cities), StartUp Health's long-term platform for entrepreneurs includes StartUp Health’s Moonshot Academy, StartUp Health’s Moonshot Partner Network and StartUp Health’s Moonshot Media Network.

StartUp Health was founded by Steven Krein and Unity Stoakes and is chaired by former Time Warner CEO, Jerry Levin. StartUp Health's notable strategic partners and investors include AARP, Accenture, Allianz, Aurora Health Care, California HealthCare Foundation, Children's Hospital Colorado, University of Colorado, UCHealth, Steve Case, Mark Cuban, Esther Dyson, Brad Feld, Genentech, GE Ventures, Janssen Research & Development, LLC., Kaiser Permanente Ventures, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and SeventySix Capital.

Unity Stoakes and Steven Krein in the Oval Office. I think you know the other two.

5 Years Into a 25 Year Mission

In June 2011, StartUp Health launched at Health Datapalooza in Washington, DC, and had the opportunity to meet in the Oval Office with President Obama and Vice President Biden to share the vision of organizing and supporting a global army of thousands of entrepreneurs passionate about reinventing the future of health. StartUp Health is now 5 years into its 25 year mission to improve the health and wellness of everyone in the world.

A Global Army of Health Transformers™

StartUp Health has assembled the world’s largest army of Health Transformers and built a worldwide network of over 30,000 innovators, industry leaders and investors committed to supporting the entrepreneurs reimagining health and wellness.

Coaching, Community, Access and Promotion

StartUp Health focuses on mindset and value creation via weekly and quarterly coaching. Health Transformers in the StartUp Health Moonshot Academy are instantly connected to a global peer network of the world’s most passionate entrepreneurs and experts and given access to leading customers and investors.

A Media Network to Share, Educate and Inspire

StartUp Health’s Moonshot Media Network shares important stories about the world’s Health Transformers and reaches millions of influencers via StartUp Health TV, StartUp Health Insider, StartUp Health Insights and StartUp Health Social Promotion Engine.

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