Helping Startups Accelerate Consumer Health Innovation

GE and StartUp Health announce a three-year Entrepreneurship Program to provide expertise, resources and growth opportunities for consumer health companies.

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Helping StartUps Grow
This Program is in partnership with GE, as part of its healthymagination initiative, a $6 billion global commitment to provide better health for more people by improving quality, access and affordability of care.

The GE and StartUp Health Academy Entrepreneurship Program (the "Program") will help early-stage consumer health companies navigate the unique challenges of building successful growth companies. Select companies will be invited to participate in the Program, which will include a customized growth curriculum, access to GE's executives, training on scaling business operations, a GE leadership mentor for each company and exposure to GE technology experts. Additionally, the Program will offer a virtual commercial laboratory, where GE healthymagination and StartUp Health will create ongoing opportunities for partnerships, customer development, and pilot programs to test innovative products and business models.

Press Release

  1. Step 1: Review criteria to make sure your startup qualifies. You must be focused on consumer health innovation.
  2. Step 2: Apply to the Program by February 8, 2013 (11:59 PM EDT). Nothing confidential or proprietary should be included in the application. All applications must be in English. You are granting no rights to any intellectual property by submitting an Application.
  3. Step 3: GE and StartUp Health will review all the applications. Applicants may be contacted for additional information.
  4. Step 4: The StartUp Health Review Team will manage the evaluation process. The Review Team will review all applications based on criteria and other considerations listed on the StartUp Health site and will identify the top applicants for further review and finalist selection by GE and StartUp Health.
  5. Step 5: Up to 10 companies will be invited to participate in the Program. The selected companies will be notified via email in March, 2013.
  6. Step 6: The selected companies will be invited to complete the Program enrollment process.
  7. Step 7: Selected companies will be publicly announced in March.

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Healthcare Transformers are those extraordinary and passionate entrepreneurs and innovators who are on a mission to solve a great challenge of our time: fixing a broken healthcare system in a way that improves care and dramatically reduces costs.

GE, as part of its healthymagination initiative, and StartUp Health are inviting Healthcare Transformers focused on consumer health innovation to participate in this unique three-year Program.

We realize that consumer health is broad, so here are just some of the segments of the sector that we are interested in. If your startup addresses any of the below areas, we recommend that you read the rest of the criteria and apply!
  • Big data & analytics
  • Biotechnology
  • Chronic disease management
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Healthcare cost management & reduction
  • Healthcare delivery & point-of-care solutions
  • Healthy aging
  • Home based services & solutions
  • Patient-provider engagement tools
  • Personalized / precision medicine
  • Sensor & tracking
If you are a Healthcare Transformer and your company meets these criteria, we want to meet you!

Additional considerations which will be used to select the right entrepreneurs and startups for this Program include the following:


We are looking first for companies that already have some traction, seed capital, or are at a stage where we could assist with potential customers and pilot programs. We encourage idea stage companies to apply, but you should have a clear business model and monetization strategy in place.


We are looking to work with either experienced entrepreneurs who may have already built successful companies previously, or innovators who we think will excel with a peer-group of professionals. Those who have not had previous entrepreneurial experience will be considered, especially those entrepreneurs whose co-founders have significant experience in healthcare.

Customer Focus

We will assess your business model and target customer to make sure your technology addresses consumer health and consumer behavior. Most importantly, we want to make sure your business will be scalable and go beyond a mere application or feature.


The selected entrepreneurs must be coachable, able to contribute, and also complement the others in the Program. Since this is a three-year Program, it is important that you embrace the peer group process and will be open to coaching from the StartUp Health coaches and GE mentors as well as fellow entrepreneurs in your class.


Your company can be based anywhere in the world but you must be able to travel to the US for the in-person quarterly Healthcare Transformer Summits.

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GE and StartUp Health have designed this Program to help startups over a three-year period get access to the expertise and resources needed to navigate the unique challenges of building and scaling a growth business in consumer healthcare. The Program will focus primarily on increasing equity value and scaling your business, and will be free to selected companies in exchange for a 2%-10% equity ownership by GE Ventures and the StartUp Health Innovation Fund.

We have specifically designed a "structured" curriculum and Program to provide maximum impact over the long-term at regular intervals, rather than ad-hoc mentoring.

Other benefits include:
  • GE and StartUp Health will provide resources and support to grow your business over 3 years.
  • Enrollment in The StartUp Health Academy, a 36-month program which provides long- term support.
  • Program focus on increasing equity value and scaling your consumer health company.
  • Access to GE executives and a network of industry mentors and professionals.
  • Access to customers, pilot programs, strategic partners, talent, and capital needed to build a successful growth business and scale more rapidly.
  • Ability to test innovative new business models and pilot programs.
  • Ongoing peer-group group support to help propel your business forward.
  • Office hours with dedicated leaders from GE and StartUp Health.
  • Quarterly CEO Summits: Approximately every 90 days there will be a live all-day Workshop. These Workshops will be jam-packed with educational, inspirational, and exciting tools, networking, and opportunities. These live events will be hosted in various cities around the U.S., such as New York City, San Francisco, and Washington, DC.
  • Regular education programming: Online or in-person sessions where coaches, mentors and experts will discuss and educate you on topics that are important to your business.
  • Roundtables, Conferences, Pavilions, Demo Days and special events to promote your company, introduce you to customers, and connect you to investors, thought leaders, and talent. We will often be able to provide special, discounted, or even free access to these events.
  • VIP access to the StartUp Health Network.
  • January 8: Application period opens
  • February 8: Application deadline
  • February and March: GE and StartUp Health complete application review
  • March: Selected companies notified and invited to enroll in the Program
  • March: Selected companies announced publicly
  • April and beyond: Program and curriculum begin