StartUp Health Testimonials

What Healthcare Transformers Are Saying About StartUp Health Academy

Andrey Ostrovsky, MD
Co-Founder & CEO
Care at Hand

“We’ve refined our technology, we’ve refined our customer development process, and we’ve directly received capital because of introductions from the Healthcare Transformer community — that’s after only five months.”

Dave Chase
Co-Founder & CEO
Acquired by WebMD in October 2013

“Avado’s acquisition speaks volumes for the future of the digital health startup ecosystem. Having a long-term support platform like StartUp Health was invaluable to our team as we reached our mission of better patient relationship management tools.”

Melissa Thompson
Founder & CEO

“StartUp Health is creating a network of Healthcare Transformers who have drive, experience, and intention to transform healthcare. I am grateful for the connections, commitment, and guidance that StartUp Health facilitates. Together, we have more power to change the future of healthcare, than the sum of each of us individually.”

Derek Flanzraich
Founder & CEO

“StartUp Health’s focus on the fundraising process has been helpful in terms of advice on how to approach it, with assets and different templates for me to tap into. Founders and entrepreneurs in the program have literally walked me through my pitch.”

Veer Gidwaney
Co-Founder & CEO
Maxwell Health

“I’ve been truly impressed by my Startup Health experience. The mentorship is top notch, the course is immediately relevant to my business, and the access to networks is extraordinary. Most of all, it’s deeply inspiring to collaborate with other entrepreneurs who are on a mission to revolutionize health!”

Blain Tomlinson
Founder & CEO

“I would strongly recommend any healthcare startup company to consider StartUp Health. The Coaching, Tools, and Network are the best I’ve ever experienced; deep and wide! Even if you are an experienced serial entrepreneur and know your model and path, StartUp Health can help accelerate the process.”

Sundeep Bhan
Co-Founder & CEO

“Steve and Unity have done a tremendous job in helping create the ecosystem to help support health tech startups. They are well known and well regarded in the industry. For us specifically they have made several introductions to potential clients, government officials, strategic partners, and potential investors. They have also developed tools to both support companies in the early growth stage and to build the infrastructure to allow for the different constituents in the health ecosystem to connect.”

Alan Blaustein
Founder & CEO

“A great big thank you from all the Healthcare Transformers for the wonderful community we’re all building. We have absolutely no doubt that when the dust clears in a decade that the marketplace will have you to thank for a significant portion of the transformation of healthcare.”

Bronwyn Spira
Co-Founder & President
Force Therapeutics

“StartUp Health has been instrumental in shaping our thinking without preaching a doctrine. They provide collaborative tools that fundamentally enhance the way we look at our business, our customers, and our potential impact on the healthcare landscape. Steve and Unity’s obvious passion for transforming healthcare in this country is pervasive and contagious. Any startup that is lucky enough to be a part of this program has a great chance of success!”

What Industry Thought Leaders Are Saying About StartUp Health

“If you don’t know about StartUp Health and you’re a health tech investor or entrepreneur (or at all interested in the space), you need to rectify that.”
— TechCrunch, October 18, 2012

Jerry Levin
Former CEO of TimeWarner
Chairman of StartUp Health

“StartUp Health has a long-term vision of what needs to happen to help foster a vibrant health and wellness system in this country by energizing entrepreneurs. By building a detailed roadmap for health and wellness entrepreneurs, we aim to provide access to everything and everyone they need to significantly increase their chances of creating a sustainable business. Any entrepreneur who dreams of meaningful innovation in health and wellness deserves access to this roadmap and the critical resources that can reduce the barriers to success, and we intend on making sure that happens.”

Aneesh Chopra
CTO, United States
From the launch event with US Department of Health and Human Services, June 9 2011:

“In January the President announced the StartUp America Partnership calling on all members of our ecosystem: entrepreneurs, angels, investors and everyone inbetween to come together and promote high growth entrepreneurship and celebrate that which has helped our economy thrive over the past several decades. Critical to this is what we call the fifth pillar of StartUp America, unleashing new market opportunities, and as you’ve heard all day today this health and wellness movement is most certainly a new market opportunity.

“I’m honored to participate in the HHS and IOM’s Health Data Initiative Forum to share in the exciting announcement of StartUp Health, the latest Startup America Partnership collaborator to unleash new market opportunities with the launch of the StartUp Health Roundtables and the StartUp Health Pledge initiatives.”

Sue Siegel
GE healthymagination

“Entrepreneurs seek an environment where their great ideas can incubate and flourish. We are happy to join StartUp Health to cultivate an atmosphere that accelerates growth and serve as a resource for young consumer health companies working to improve quality, access, and affordability of healthcare.”

Thomas Goetz
Wired Magazine

“I want to thank you for starting StartUp Health. [Healthcare] is tough ground to navigate [for entrepreneurs] and it needs navigating!”

Scott Case
StartUp America Partnership

“Driving American entrepreneurship is critical to creating jobs and sustaining our nation’s global leadership. The health and wellness sector is full of entrepreneurs creating innovative new companies, and we are thrilled to host the StartUp Health Roundtable to encourage and support the growth of scalable companies in this industry.”

Samer Hamadeh
Founder & CEO
Zeel Networks

“We were elated to be part of the Pavilion [at the 2012 mHealth Summit]. From my perspective, entire mHealth show had the right kind of people (practitioners, VCs, potential partners). I think enough came by to Startup Health (vs. just Zeel) that the Startup Health Pavilion participants got a chance to meet more people than they ever could on their own. That’s the growing power of the Startup Health brand.”

Liam Ryan

“Thank you for inviting our Irish company to participate in the Startup Mobile Health Pavilion at this year’s mHealth Summit. Overall it was a great success for our team. Now that we made it back home safe, we have lots of high quality leads to follow up with; from direct sales to reseller partnerships, and from investors to healthcare innovators wanting to work with us. I echo my team’s excitement to be able to work with StartupHealth in the future.”

Gregory Coleman
President & COO

“I would like to say thank you on a couple levels. First, thank you for inviting us [to the StartUp Health Pavilion at the 2012 mHealth Summit]. It was a tremendous opportunity and we hope we represented Startup Health well. Second, thank you for providing an excellent venue. It was a high quality event and we were very pleased with the setup and space. All of our needs were met.

Keep doing what you’re doing. It was great.”

Tom Walker
President & CEO

“Steve, Adrian and I very much enjoyed and appreciated the hospitality of the entire StartUp Health team [at the StartUp Health Pavilion]. It was a very productive and successful inaugural show for us, and our feedback to you and your team is only positive.

“For us, [the 2012 mHealth Summit] was about networking with the mHealth industry, mainly the other exhibitors. So we could not have been in a better location. We were able to connect with other device companies, service providers, foundations, EMR providers and the list goes on. We were delighted how our technology was received.”

Barbara Crowley

“I really had a wonderful experience in the Pavilion [at the 2012 mHealth Summit]. Your help prior to my arrival was very much appreciated as I had no idea what to expect.

I believe your organization is allowing many entrepreneurs to have a chance at showcasing their hard work. The folks in the booths surrounding mine were bright, intelligent individuals who were passionate about their products. Thank you for inviting me to participate. The conference served to re-invigorate my ideas and expand my horizons.”

Jen Pleimann

“A big thanks to StartUp Health for hosting us! We were excited for Vidapost to be a part of the Pavilion [at the 2012 mHealth Summit] and overall, it was a great three days. We made a lot of good connections, learned a lot from the other teams and was a good first experience for us to get out there and start talking to people/showing our demo. I think one of the best parts (at least w/in the Pavilion) was the sense of camaraderie – it was great to be around other startups who are just getting started like us, compare stories and learn from each other.”

Samir Malik

“StartUp Health gave us an opportunity to meet new clients and investors…The ability to get in front of thought leaders in healthcare technology and innovation, in and of itself, was a helpful sounding board for our fledgling company. That we met other entrepreneurs who were in our shoes months or years earlier also gave us guidance on where to take our company next. Getting out to these conferences exposed us to networks that would have been hard to find otherwise.”

Jake Lybbert

“Our experience in the StartUp Mobile Health Pavilion at the mHealth Summit 2011 far exceeded our expectations. We made important connections with doctors and other healthcare professionals as well as other companies in the mHealth space. We’re especially glad for the great feedback and attention we received. Our friends at StartUp Health ensured that this was a positive experience for us by helping make the right introductions and promoting us to everyone–it was as though StartUp Health was a part of team Orca. It’s clear from their promotion of us and other good mHealth companies that StartUp Health shares Orca’s goal of expanding and improving mHealth for the benefit of all involved. Thank you, StartUp Health.”

Murray Jones

“StartUp Health has been an outstanding resource and community for TalkAboutHealth. The mentorship and connections with entrepreneurs, business leaders in established health companies, and medical professionals are invaluable.”

Marcy Lerner
Founding VP

“The StartUp Health Pavilion at the NYeC Digital Health conference had a well-balanced mix of creative, knowledgeable healthcare professionals. There was an ideal combination of informative, lively panels and focused, smart and friendly attendees. It was a great platform to introduce the prevention/alternative health and wellness portal to industry insiders.”

Mike Zhang
AboveStress, Inc.

“Thanks, Startup Health! We really appreciate your personalized support in getting us the most exposure at the 2011 mHealth Summit in DC as well as your guidance in meeting many potential partners.”

Michael Phipps
VP Engineering

“Engaging customers and investors is one of the most difficult problems facing startup technology businesses in the healthcare industry. Establishing contacts and attending relevant conferences gives any company the advantage to succeed. StartUp Health gave EnHatch an opportunity to be apart of free StartUp Health Pavilions at both the NYeC Digital Health Fair and the mHealth Summit in Washington DC. Both of these conferences focused on attendees who wanted to shape the future of technology in healthcare, aligning us with potential clients, collaborators and investors for our business. Enhatch looks forward to building strong relationships established at these conferences made possible by StartUp Health.

Thank you again for allowing us to exhibit with StartUp Health at both conferences. You really have created some great opportunities for us that I will be pursuing with physicians and surgeons, industry users, universities like Columbia, Duke, and Stanford as well as real investment chances from big firms.”

Joe Blewitt
Epion Health

“Thanks for inviting us to be a part of the Startup Health Pavilion at the 2011 mHealth Summit in Washington, DC. The conference was a perfect match for our product offering of tablets at the point of care. Being in the Startup Pavilion gave us exposure to several potential funding sources and strategic partners. We never had any downtime during exhibit hours and we came home with a stack full of leads. Overall, it was a terrific experience. Thanks again for inviting us.”

Joe Hogan
Epion Health

“I echo Joe’s comments completely! It was a great opportunity for us to speak with potential partners and investors. The traffic in our booth was fantastic.”

Bronwyn Spira
Force Therapeutics

“Being a start up can be extremely difficult, especially in healthcare. Fortunately we began working with StartUp Health as a pretty young company and we feel they have been instrumental in our growth and development. StartUp Health not only sponsored us at several mHealth conferences but has also put us in front of key thought leaders in the digital health space, from potential investors to marketing partners. They are very generous with their contacts and deep industry knowledge and have shared multiple insights with companies such as Force Therapeutics through round table discussions, meet ups, and conferences.”

Matthew Browning, MSN, RN
Founder & CEO
Your Nurse Is On

“Unity Stoakes and Steven Krein are shaking up the Northeast startup scene with their amazing StartUp Health in NYC. With events from Boston to DC to San Francisco, these guys have partnered with some of the biggest names in business to help startups, in healthcare, to get some serious traction, mentoring and exposure. They helped our company have a world-wide stage at high-profile events such as the NYeC conference, The NIH’s (now HIMSS) mHealth conference in DC and the NextGen Health conference in NYC. The are experienced pros with a knack for assembling the right teams of the right people to help the right technology companies. Investors, businessmen, providers, payers and entrepreneurs are all excited to participate in this mash-up of technology, healthcare, finance and experienced players. I am honored to have participated in their events, thankful to have learned from them and delighted to call them my friends. If you have a start up, are into improving healthcare for all, or are serious about participating in ‘the next big thing’ – I highly recommend Unity, Steven and their StartUp Health as a great place to start!”