StartUp Health Portfolio Companies

@Point of Care

@Point of Care is a continually updated point-of-care reference tool and platform for the clinician, which interfaces with customized real-time patient-care journals.


1EQ is a simple tool used to improve the doctor-patient conversation. Our product comes in the form of a patient-facing ‘to-do’ list, focused on leveraging your genomic and lifestyle data to be a better, healthier patient.


ABPathfinder uses data analytics to help autism therapists and special educators cut administrative time, increase productivity, and focus more on the kids.

Accel Diagnostics

Accel Diagnostics enables patients and physicians manage congestive heart failure in the home setting, deducting costs and hospitalizations.


AdhereTech offers a patented smart pill bottle to increase medical adherence by measuring the exact amount of pills or liquid in the bottle in real-time, wirelessly sending this HIPAA-compliant data into the cloud, and reminding patients to take their medication via automated phone call or text message.

Althea Health

Althea Health offers patient-powered research for rare and neglected diseases. Althea Health empowers patients by harnessing the wisdom of their communities and partnering with top researchers to drive life-changing health studies.


Arpeggi offers a cutting-edge and versatile technology for high-speed analysis of next-generation genomic sequencing data.
Arpeggi has been acquired by Gene By Gene!


Avado is a Patient Relationship Management system with collaborative care tools that allows patient-centric health professionals to deliver care outside of the clinic, the 99+ percent of the time when individuals are away from the provider.
Avado has been acquired by WebMD!

Aver Informatics

Aver is a modern social, big data platform with patent-pending technology that helps health organizations leverage their enterprise data without needing teams of analysts, technologists, and data scientists.


Basis will change the way people think about personal health and wellbeing. We have built a sensor rich wristband plus web/mobile apps that make it easy for consumers to collect and engage with their personal biometric data.
Basis has been acquired by Intel!

Beyond Lucid Technologies

Beyond Lucid Technologies is emergency communication for first responders and care facilities. Beyond Lucid Technologies is reducing the costs and risk associated with emergency response, while improving access to care and sreamlining Fire/EMS operations. Beyond Lucid’s flagship product, MEDIVIEW™, connects Fire and EMS crews in the field with the hospitals they serve. It is the only Fire/EMS-facing software that moves data across a care-network within 30 seconds.


BrainPaint provides equipment, training, and consultation to institutions and practitioners who want to add neurofeedback to their services. Neurofeedback is a tool where clinicians place sensors on the scalp to read brainwave activity to improve brain function.


Keep track of all your healthcare expenses for free. CakeHealth shows you where your money is going on medical care, prescriptions, and dental care — without the paperwork.

Care at Hand

Care at Hand is a mobile early warning system for elderly home care that decreases readmissions and empowers home care workers with less formal training to document health observations more easily.


CareDox makes health information easily accessible and securely portable. We provide applications for schools, camps, and parents that make managing and collecting this information easy.


CareLinx is an online Professional Caregiver Network that provides solutions to help consumers & institutions easily find, screen, manage, and pay caregivers who match their specific needs and budget. CareLinx is well positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for caregivers with the aging of our population.


Caremerge is a communication, care coordination, and transitions platform with an immediate focus on senior healthcare. The Caremerge mobile/web apps allow care providers, families, caregivers, and patients to access and exchange key information to facilitate efficiency and timely care decisions.


CarePlanners is a platform for a nationwide network of care planners who help patients and caregivers better navigate their experiences with the healthcare system using a combination of personal services and online tools.


CarePredict provides a wearable sensor for senior care. CarePredit minimizes isolation, improves care, and reduces the cost of seniors aging independently by analyzing their activity, location, and behavioral data.


To date, there is no portable, objective, accurate, and affordable diagnostic tool to assess brain function and to assist in patient decision making for neurologic and neuropsychiatric diseases. Cerora is changing this paradigm by offering objective biomarker data to physicians, certified athletic trainers, nurses, and emergency medical technicians to aid them in the diagnosis and management of concussion and Alzheimer’s disease.


CoheroHealth is giving kids the tools to change their health. CoheroHealth has created AsthmaHero, a mobile solution for kids with chronic asthma, incorporating an inhaler sensor and mobile application to track real-time adherence and mobile spirometry through an engaging, gamified patient interface.

Conversa Health

Conversa‘s Digital Checkup platform provides ACOs, physician practices, and hospitals an automated way to improve the huge gap in care that occurs between visits.


Cyclica‘s big data technologies introduce efficiencies in the drug discovery process with the goal of enabling access to better and safer medicines.


DataGenno is an online medical information company created to be the one stop source of information on genetic diseases and syndromes, connecting both clinical and molecular aspects of genetic diseases in a fully interactive environment.

Direct Dermatology

Direct Dermatology combines a secure, web-based technology platform with a team of US board-certified dermatologists trained at leading US medical centers to provide patients and referring providers with immediate assistance in the diagnosis and management of skin diseases.


Docphin is a platform for healthcare professionals to personalize, access, and connect through evidenced based research, while also enabling hospitals to meet new accreditation and funding requirements. Docphin was initially launched at three Academic Medical Centers (Penn, Michigan, UCSD) in May 2012. Docphin began expanding rapidly and is now available at over 35 institutions nationwide, including Harvard, Hopkins, Penn, and Stanford. is on a mission to improve the way doctors and patients connect online. At the core of’s platform is a proprietary database of more than 2.5 million healthcare providers that is updated hundreds of times every day.


Edamam is organizing the world’s food knowledge. The company provides cost-effective, on-the-fly nutritional analysis and diet labeling to businesses and consumers through its proprietary semantic food and nutrition knowledge database and natural language processing algorithms. Edamam aims to become the default digital nutrition engine of the web.

Empower Interactive

Empower Interactive transforms the experience of evidence-based psychotherapy into e-learning programs, teaching structured coping techniques to address behavioral health issues in a cost-effective, highly accessible way. Empower’s clients include the US Army, which is using its programs with soldiers and their families to improve the access, quality, and engagement of their therapeutic processes.

Force Therapeutics

FORCE Therapeutics is a comprehensive patient management and tracking system designed for physical therapists by physical therapists.

Gene by Gene

Gene by Gene offers the most complete family of integrated multi-disciplinary genetic testing services, with state-of-the-art laboratory and capabilities.


GetHealth is a mobile and online platform which increases employee engagement in workplace wellness programs. Users describe the platform as the “Foursquare for Health.”


GoGoHealth is on a mission to allow patients experiencing illness or discomfort to easily describe their symptoms to their provider and get medical advice, a diagnosis, and a prescription via computer or mobile device.


Greatist is a health and fitness media startup on a mission to make better choices easier for everyone. Greatist makes everyone a “Greatist,” someone who simply makes better choices for their fitness, health, and happiness.


Health123 is Salesforce for wellness management. Health123 popularizes prevention and uses technology to empower people to create behavior change.


HelloMD is a marketplace of the best doctors, advisors, and treatment options from around the globe.


Hindsait offers cognitive analytics for patient risk assessment. Hindsait is on a mission to improve the healthcare delivery system through disruptive predictive modeling, coupled with network analysis, visual analytics, and machine learning.

Inbox Health

Inbox Health offers patient billing, payments, and analytics. Inbox Health strives to simplify patient bills and how they are paid, making healthcare more efficient, transparent, and affordable.


IntelligentM is a revolutionary Hand Hygiene Compliance Improvement Solution for healthcare facilities. Use of the iM System results in decreased Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI’s) and their substantial associated costs.


itMD is empowering patients to connect with their doctors and allowing organizations to share data with healthcare providers/recipients with a collaborative, cloud-based application.


LifeAssist extends senior independence with dignity by providing assistance when they’re hurt, lost, or forgetful.


LifeDojo is the cure for the common corporate wellness program. LifeDojo reduces health costs and improves corporate wellbeing by taking every employee step-by-step through the private journey of improving their own health behavior.

Lindi Skin

Since 2003, Lindi Skin‘s product division has provided skin care products that ease the burden of skin-related side effects experienced by those undergoing cancer treatment. Lindi Skin’s new social, curating platform allows users to find personal care, dietary, and convenience items that have been a) approved by doctors and experts as appropriate for people living through cancer, and b) reviewed and recommended by others with similar medical conditions and treatment schedules.

LuminaCare Solutions

By rapidly selecting the right drug at the right time, LuminaCare Solutions will drastically lower costs for hospital systems while saving millions of lives.

Maxwell Health

Maxwell Health will revolutionize how millions of middle class families and small businesses think of and purchase health insurance by uniquely enabling plans that incentivize and reward a healthy lifestyle. Maxwell Health invests in its members through a healthy living wellness program that helps people improve their health through apps, devices, and everyday rewards.


Medicast makes it easy for anyone to receive access to a doctor with the click of a button. The Medicast web and mobile platform provides consumers with 24-hour on-demand medical services, including delivering high quality, compassionate doctors directly to a patient’s home, office, or hotel.


Medikly provides healthcare stakeholders with a data and technology framework to easily and effectively reach and better engage their audiences.


MediSprout creates a convenient, secure, more productive way for providers to communicate with their patients. It serves as a framework for third party app integration before, during, and after the patient-provider encounter.


Medivo is a health monitoring company for physicians and their patients. Medivo’s platform collects subjective and objective clinical data from labs, apps, and devices to help physicians provide better care and help patients monitor their health better.

Mobile Health One

Mobile Health One is a communication platform for care providers and patients. Mobile Health One enables frictionless communication through a single dashboard for all healthcare professionals to connect with each other, their patients, and patient data.


Oxitone has developed the world’s first wrist pulse oximeter without a fingertip probe enabling comfortable, remote, and continuous monitoring of blood oxygen level, pulse rate, beat-to-beat variation, and activity out of the hospital environment anywhere, anytime throughout day and night.


PHmHealth ensures compliance in provider-patient interactions by making home healthcare as trackable as a UPS package.

Pocket Anatomy

Pocket Anatomy is visual patient education software. Pocket Anatomy will be the Google Earth of the human body — enabling hospitals and providers to deliver meaningful and visually-impactful patient education.


Punctil offers punctuality solutions for healthcare. Punctil reduces patient no-shows and non-payments by 25%, lets patients skip the queues, and informs doctors of which patients are truly on their way.


RespondWell is increasing patient engagement in physical therapy for more effective PT treatment and reduced readmissions. RespondWell’s flagship product, FitWorld, is a Kinect-based rehabilitation therapy platform that targets all segments of rehab — from falls prevention and disease management to orthopedic and pulmonary rehab. The platform also enables therapists to deliver an engaging, personalized program that includes patient monitoring and clinician reporting for in-clinic and at-home usage.


RxApps supplements standard management of chronic illness using customizable text message prompts to track patient health, experience, and behavior metrics that influence outcomes.


RxREVU saves money for patients and payors through prescription optimization. RxREVU helps patients and payers lower drug costs with therapeutic alternatives, combination splits, the division of high doses, generic substitutions, pill splitting, and over the counter and quantity discounts.

Sense Health

Sense Health is on a mission to engage people with their health and improve patient support. Sense Health unlocks the potential of mobile health support for patients by giving healthcare professionals a mobile platform to easily create, deliver, and monitor interactive support plans for their patients in between appointments.

Shift Health

TickiT by Shift Health brings the patient voice into clinical care. Shift Health empowers patients by transforming complex medical surveys into simple tools that build better patient-provider relationships.


SmartRx transforms patient care delivery, while enabling better compliance and higher revenues for providers through a healthcare CRM.


SnapDx allows medical editorial teams to create medical apps and infographics with little or no programming knowledge required.


TalkSession’s online platform allows patients to find relevant mental healthcare providers and equips those providers with tools to enhance the quality of care delivered and improve treatment outcomes.


TedCas is on a mission to unleash the potential of touchless devices such as Kinect or LEAP inside the health sector. TedCas, powered by Wayra and Sodena, allows doctors to control and manipulate software through gestures and voice commands, without touching, saving time and reducing potential infections.

Tute Genomics

Tute Genomics offers cloud-based genome analysis for precision medicine. From DNA to diagnosis, Tute Genomics is genome interpretation made simple.

Vheda Health

Vheda Health offers personalized mobile disease management and analytics. Vheda Health improves compliance while reducing hospitalization costs for chronic disease patients.


WalkJoy and Walking Health represent landmark development in restoring of gait and balance for peripheral neuropathy patients as well as providing important walking diagnostics in all patients.


Wellthie is a product marketing platform for health plans. Wellthie aims to provide consumers with a simple, personal, and confident experience in navigating their health insurance decisions.


Workup provides the next generation of healthcare workflow tools to master the art of managing complexity. Workup develops project management and teamwork tools. Workup’s product CareStatus is designed with the dependencies of pathway-based medicine and corresponding administrative burdens in mind.

Yingo Yango

Yingo Yango is a white-label, stand alone, mobile patient engagement platform that integrates ecosystems of care. The platform is designed to maximize long-term employee/patient engagement, reduce readmissions, as well as brand clients as health minded, patient centric, and caring organizations. The low cost “connecting the dots” solution is designed for corporations, carriers, and providers.


Zeel is for health-conscious individuals looking for trusted information on health, wellness, and beauty and an easy way to find and book the best practitioners in the business.