Overview & Mission

StartUp Health is a new model for helping innovation succeed in the health sector. Part community, part Academy, and 1,000% passion, we provide health and wellness innovators with a structured curriculum designed to help navigate the unique challenges of building a sustainable growth business. StartUp Health was founded in 2011 by health tech entrepreneurs Steven Krein and Unity Stoakes and is Chaired by former Time Warner CEO Gerald Levin.

Inspiration, Education, and Access

StartUp Health is based on a simple premise: the best way to improve healthcare in America is to provide health and wellness entrepreneurs with inspiration, education, and access to customers, capital, and other critical resources so that startups can innovate more quickly and build new solutions that will improve care and reduce out of control healthcare costs.

Entrepreneurs Can Fix Healthcare

Tech entrepreneurs can use new digital technologies to radically improve the healthcare system. At StartUp Health, we provide an infrastructure, facilitate an environment, and inspire the best talent to come in and focus on solving the biggest challenge of our time: fixing the broken healthcare system. To do this, we are building an army of entrepreneurs and innovators to tackle one challenge at a time. With each startup focused on a specific issue, the cumulative result is a network that fixes the healthcare system.

Help Build 1,000 Sustainable Businesses in 10 Years

Our goal is to ultimately help 1,000 “Healthcare Transformers” build sustainable growth businesses over the coming decade. We plan to do this by providing the community with access to a structured curriculum, support from coaches, subject matter experts, and peer networks, and by continuing to connect the community to customers, investors, and strategic partners.

The Conditions Are Set for an Epic Decade

Epic Decade
We are at the beginning of an epic decade of transformation, disruption, and opportunity as a result of four unique conditions:

  • Health reform is changing business models.
  • An aging population and increase in chronic diseases, with rising costs, are creating an urgent need for innovation.
  • Digital and mobile health is making new solutions possible.
  • The golden age of entrepreneurship is ushering in a new wave of entrepreneurs now focusing on “reimaging healthcare.”

The Booming Health and Wellness Ecosystem

Since launching StartUp Health in Washington DC with the help of US CTO Aneesh Chopra, and the US Dept. of Health and Human Services, we have had the opportunity to meet and work with thousands of entrepreneurs, developers, health professionals, researchers, and key stakeholders who are passionate about transforming healthcare.

We have never experienced the kind of organic momentum and interest currently taking shape in the health and wellness innovation ecosystem as we are seeing today. Nor have we experienced such a diverse set of stakeholders beginning to work together; these range from entrepreneurs to patient communities and health professionals, investors to foundations to academics, federal, state, and local governments, and even the world’s largest companies.

Community and Collaboration

The first phase of StartUp Health was focused on hosting a series of community-based programs around the country, which included StartUp Health Roundtables, StartUp Heatlh Pavillions, and StartUp Office Hours. Thousands of people have already become members of the StartUp Health community:

  • More than 10,000 people have taken the StartUp Health Pledge.
  • Hundreds of startups have demoed their companies at StartUp Health Pavilions and Demo Halls in conjunction with conferences like the HIMSS mHealth Summit in Washington, DC, and the NYeC Digital Health Conference in NYC.
  • Thousands of people have attended StartUp Health Roundtables either in person or online.
  • Hundreds of scholarships have been made available so hundreds of entrepreneurs could attend important health conferences like TEDMED, mHealth Summit, New York Venture Capital Association’s Ingenuity Conference, Health 2.0, and the NYeC Digital Health Conference.
  • Over 1400 companies have applied to the StartUp Health Academy.
  • We’ve held Office Hours with hundreds of companies and met with hundreds of entrepreneurs.
  • Partners including GE, AARP, StartUp America Partnership, US Department of HHS, Foundation for the National Institute of Health, AT&T, Amazon, California HealthCare Foundation, TEDMED, Gerson Lehrman Group, Morgan Lewis, and Health 2.0 have collaborated and continue to contribute amazing resources to help support the ecosystem and the Healthcare Transformers enrolled in StartUp Health Academy.
  • Dozens of the world’s top subject matter experts in healthcare have committed to being StartUp Health Coaches and to contribute their wisdom to StartUp Health Academy for entrepreneurs.
  • And this is just the beginning…

A Long-Term Plan for Helping You Build a Sustainable Growth Business

Thanks to the generous support of our investors and a growing list of StartUp Health Partners like GE, AT&T, California Healthcare Foundation, AARP, Morgan Lewis, and Oxeon, StartUp Health is able to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in each class of Healthcare Transformers to help support and grow their business. This includes access to customers, investors, peer networks, coaching, structured curriculum, online tools, office hours, and negotiated discounts for resources and services to help with technology, legal, accounting, and HR.

One of the key things that makes StartUp Health Academy unique is that we have a long-term focus on connecting health and wellness companies with customers, pilot programs, strategic capital partners, and the critical resources needed to succeed as they transition through each of the key stages of being a growth company in this sector.

StartUp Health Academy is “stage” agnostic, meaning we encourage health and wellness innovators at every stage of development to apply. Many Healthcare Transformers participating are experienced entrepreneurs or executives who have built and sold other companies. Others are doctors and innovators who are inventing game-changing technologies. All are passionate and on a mission to improve care.

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