Healthcare Transformers

Healthcare Transformers are extraordinary and passionate entrepreneurs and innovators on a mission to solve one of the great challenges of our time: fixing a broken healthcare system in ways that significantly reduce costs and dramatically improve care.

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June 2014

Jeff Blackwood & Kelly Kerns


Jeff and Kelly are on a mission to use data analytics to help autism therapists and special educators cut administrative time, increase productivity, and focus more on the kids. ABPathfinder offers predictive analytics for autism therapy. ABPathfinder (@abpathfinder) significantly improves therapy delivery, building a database that predicts outcomes, benchmarks performance, acts as a unique resource for researchers, and assists therapists in improving therapy outcomes. ABPathfinder is headquartered in Kansas City, KS.

Alberto Gandini

Accel Diagnostics

Alberto is on a mission to enable patients and physicians to manage congestive heart failure in the home setting, reducing costs and hospitalizations. Accel Diagnostics (@acceldx) has developed a credit card-sized disposable diagnostic test in tandem with a smart phone app to detect patients’ levels of disease-specific biomarkers. The app’s decision support system identifies a patient’s increasing health risks and guides physician intervention, improving outcomes and reducing costs. Accel Diagnostics is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA.

West Shell III & Phillip Marshall, MD, MPH

Conversa Health

West and Phillip are on a mission to improve the huge gap in care that occurs between doctor visits. Conversa Health (@conversahealth) is a virtual appointment and patient engagement platform. Conversa’s Digital Checkup platform provides ACOs, physician practices, and hospitals a secure, automated way to generate clinical questions, patient education, reminders, and alerts. Conversa is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

Jason Mitakidis


Jason is on a mission to optimize pharma R&D with integrated big data. Cyclica (@cyclica) uses big data technologies to introduce efficiencies in the drug discovery process with the goal of enabling access to better and safer medicines. Cyclica is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

Jean Anne Booth, Brian Kircher, & Jon Guy


Jean Anne, Brian, and Jon are on a mission to extend senior independence with dignity by providing assistance when they’re hurt, lost, or forgetful. LifeAssist (@wearlifeassist) is a wearable “OnStar for Seniors” that provides a work-anywhere active medical alert. LifeAssist is headquartered in Austin, TX.

David Howe, PhD & Stephen Chiricosta

LuminaCare Solutions

David and Stephen are on a mission to offer a point-of-care solution for antibiotic treatments. By rapidly selecting the right drug at the right time, LuminaCare Solutions (@luminacare) will drastically lower costs for hospital systems while saving millions of lives. LuminaCare Solutions is headquartered in Boston, MA.

Samant Virk, MD & Randy Findley


Samant and Randy are inspired from the real-world challenges of years of medical practice. Their mission is to provide efficient and meaningful medical communication. MediSprout (@medisprout) offers video communication for healthcare providers, creating a convenient, secure, more productive way for providers to communicate with their patients. It serves as a framework for third party app integration before, during, and after the patient-provider encounter. MediSprout is headquartered in New York, NY.

Hisham Al-Shurafa, Aravind Ganesh, MD, & Rahul Mehta, MD


Hisham, Aravind, and Rahul are on a mission to develop clinical decision support and patient education tools. SnapDx (@snap_dx) allows medical editorial teams to create medical apps and infographics with little or no programming knowledge required. SnapDx is headquartered in Calgary, Canada.

April 2014

Greg Cohen, Manu Kodiyan, & Sanjay Raghu

Althea Health

Greg, Manu, and Sanjay are on a mission to empower rare disease research. They are the founders of Althea Health, which offers patient-powered research for rare and neglected diseases. Althea Health is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

Satish Movva & Krishnatej Vedala, PhD


Satish and Krishnatej are on a mision to improve remote care for seniors. They are the founders of CarePredict (@carepredict), which provides a unique wearable sensor for senior care. CarePredict is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Pinaki Dasgupta & Adrish Sannyasi


Pinaki and Adrish are on a mission to bring innovation and fresh ideas to reduce costs and improve outcomes in the US Healthcare system. They are the founders of Hindsait (@hindsait), which offers cognitive analytics for patient risk assessment. Hindsait is headquartered in Englewood, NJ.

Blake Walker, Spencer Ewald, & Simon Kaluza

Inbox Health

Blake, Spencer, and Simon are on a mission to make patient-doctor communication more efficient and effective. They are the founders of Inbox Health (@inboxhealth), which offers patient billing, payments, and analytics. Inbox Health is headquartered in Bridgeport, CT.

David Crane & John Abrahams, MD

Mobile Health One

David and John are on a mission to improve care management and communications. They are the founders of Mobile Health One, a communication platform for care providers and patients. Mobile Health One is headquartered in New York, NY.

Dirk Rassloff & Michael Mittelman


Dirk and Michael are o a mission to improve accountability in healthcare settings. They are the founders of PHmHealth (@phmhealth), which ensures compliance in provider-patient interactions by making home healthcare as trackable as a UPS package. PHmHealth is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA.

Mark Campbell & Thomas King

Pocket Anatomy

Mark and Thomas are on a mission to harness elements of gaming and game-based learning to promote the understanding of medical education and healthcare. They are the founders of Pocket Anatomy (@pocketanatomy), which offers visual patient education software. Pocket Anatomy is headquartered in Galway, Ireland.

Ben Picard & Denis Abrams, PhD


Ben and Denis are on a mission to save waiting time in medical settings. They are the founders of Punctil (@punctil), which offers punctuality solutions for healthcare. Punctil is headquartered in New York, NY.

Anil Kumar, Vishesh Rohatgi, MD, & Vijayakumar Kannan


Anil, Vishesh, and Vijayakumar are on a mission to improve patient engagement and patient relationship management. They are the founders of SmartRx (@smartrxtech), a healthcare CRM platform. SmartRx is headquartered in Bangalore, India.

Reid Robison, MD, MBA & Kai Wang, PhD

Tute Genomics

Reid and Kai are on a mission to empower doctors, labs, and researchers analyze entire human genomes. They are the founders of Tute Genomics (@tutegenomics), which offers cloud-based genome analysis for precision medicine. Tute Genomics is headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT.

Shameet Luhar & Philip Rub

Vheda Health

Shameet and Philip are on a mission to empower patients everywhere with easy access to personalized care. They are the founders of Vheda Health (@vhedahealth), which offers personalized mobile disease management and analytics. Vheda Health is headquartered in Columbia, MD.

Sally Poblete


Sally is on a mission to help patients navigate the healthcare system. She is the founder of Wellthie (@wellthie), a product marketing platform for health plans. Wellthie is headquartered in New York, NY.

January 2014

Rebecca Norlander & Rachel Lanham


Rebecca and Rachel are on a mission to empower individuals and organizations to understand, take control of, and improve their health. Together they founded Health123 (@health123), based in Seattle, WA, a health intelligence platform that leverages big data and analytics to empower individual and organizational health. Health123 aims to be a complete wellness platform and to be able to share an API to allow developers to use our data to help provide more functionality for our end users.

Chris Cutter


Chris is on a mission to improve health and wellness outcomes for corporations, healthcare providers, schools, and nonprofits. Chris founded LifeDojo (@lifedojo), an online platform for health and wellness education. Corporations, healthcare providers, schools, and nonprofits rely on LifeDojo to deliver high-quality classes directly to the screens of those with whom they work. LifeDojo is headquartered in New York, NY.

Carm Huntress, Kevin O’Brien, MD, & Dan Caron


Carm, Kevin, and Dan are on a mission to help payers and patients reduce medication costs. Together they founded RxREVU (@rxrevu), which helps patients and payers lower drug costs with therapeutic alternatives, combination splits, dividing high doses, generic substitutions, pill slitting, over the counter options, and quantity discounts. Through their medication optimization data the API provides recommendations to web and mobile apps. RxREVU is licensing their dataset to healthcare apps. RxREVU is headquartered in Denver, CO.

Sandra Whitehouse, MD & Daniel Penn

Shift Health

As a youth health physician for 25 years, Dr. Sandy Whitehouse observed that asking young people about risky behaviors can be uncomfortable but save lives. Sandy and Daniel co-founded Shift Health (@shifthealth), headquartered in Toronto, Canada. TickiT by Shift Health is a patient friendly, interactive mobile survey platform that collects patient data in the waiting room. It provides live reports, with alerts to the physician/nurse, feedback for patients, and pooled data for researchers.

October 2013

Melissa Manice, PhD, MPH


Melissa is on a mission to give kids the tools to change their health. CoheroHealth (@coherohealth) has created AsthmaHero, a mobile solution for kids with chronic asthma, incorporating an inhaler sensor and mobile application to track real-time adherence and mobile spirometry through an engaging, gamified patient interface. CoheroHealth is located in New York, NY.

Victor Penev


Edamam (@edamamco), founded by serial entrepreneur Victor Penev, is organizing the world’s food knowledge. The company provides cost-effective, on-the-fly nutritional analysis and diet labeling to businesses and consumers through its proprietary semantic food and nutrition knowledge database and natural language processing algorithms. Edamam aims to become the default digital nutrition engine of the web. The company is located in New York, NY

Mark Hadfield


Mark, a serial entrepreneur, is on a mission to dramatically expand access to global healthcare by creating a friction-free marketplace for cash-based treatment options. HelloMD (@ondellortc) is a marketplace of the best doctors, advisors, and treatment options from around the globe. HelloMD is connecting patients with the best care options, at a price they can afford, globally. HelloMD is located in San Francisco, CA.

Sam Zebarjadi, Sahba Ferdowsi, MD, & Nafis Zebarjadi


Sam, Sahba, and Nafis are on a mission to make it easy for anyone to receive access to a doctor with the click of a button. The Medicast (@medicast) web and mobile platform provides consumers with 24-hour on-demand medical services, including delivering high quality, compassionate doctors directly to a patient’s home, office, or hotel. Medicast is headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

John Grispon, Ted Spooner, & Jason Leighton

Respond Well

John, Ted, and Jason are on a mission to increase patient engagement in physical therapy for more effective PT treatment and reduced readmissions. Respond Well’s (@respondwell) flagship product, FitWorld (@fitworldapp), is a Kinect-based rehabilitation therapy platform that targets all segments of rehab — from falls prevention and disease management to orthopedic and pulmonary rehab. The platform also enables therapists to deliver an engaging, personalized program that includes patient monitoring and clinician reporting for in-clinic and at home usage. Respond Well is headquartered in Portland, OR.

Stan Berkow, Brad Hammonds, & Paul Biancaniello

Sense Health

Stan, Brad, and Paul are on a mission to engage people with their health and improve patient support. Sense Health (@sensehealth) unlocks the potential of mobile health support for patients by giving healthcare professionals a mobile platform to easily create, deliver, and monitor interactive support plans for their patients in between appointments. Sense Health is located in New York, NY.

Jesús Pérez-Llano


Jesús (@jesusperezllano), Enrique Muñoz, Daniel Calvo, Gerardo Caballero, and the rest of the TedCas team are on a mission to unleash the potential of touchless devices such as Kinect or LEAP inside the health sector. TedCas (@tedcas), powered by Wayra and Sodena, allows doctors to control and manipulate software through gestures and voice commands, without touching, saving time and reducing potential infections. TedCas is located in Noain, Spain.

June 2013

Anish Sebastian & Juan Pablo Segura


Anish and Juan Pablo are on a mission to make living a healthy lifestyle more personable and actionable. They are the Co-founders of 1eq (@1eqhealth), which leverages both genetics and lifestyle information, provided through wireless devices and mobile apps, to produce a clearer health picture and actionable items for its users to live a better and healthier life. 1eq is located in Washington, DC.

Josh Stein, John Langhauser, & Michael Morena


Josh, John, and Mike are on a mission to create the future of prescription drug packaging. They are the Co-founders of AdhereTech (@adheretech), which offers a patented smart pill bottle to increase medical adherence by measuring the exact amount of pills or liquid in the bottle in real-time, wirelessly sending this HIPAA-compliant data into the cloud, and reminding patients to take their medication via automated phone call or text message. AdhereTech is headquartered in New York, NY.

Fabricio Costa, PhD, & Marcelo Coutinho, MD, MS


Fabricio and Marcelo are on a mission to facilitate information exchange about genetic and rare diseases. Together they founded DataGenno (@datagenno / @ffalconi), an online one stop source of information on genetic diseases and syndromes, connecting both clinical and molecular aspects of genetic diseases in a fully interactive environment. Fabricio holds a PhD in Cancer Genetics, did two years of Post-Doctoral training in molecular genetics at Harvard, and is a Researcher in the Department of Pediatrics at Northwestern University and at Ann Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago. Marcelo has an MD and a Masters in Clinical Genetics; he is the Chief of Medicine at a public hospital in Brazil. DataGenno is headquartered in Chicago and Brazil.

John Moore


John is on a mission to ensure that patients’ emotional wellbeing is seen as equally relevant to their clinical health as any biometric measure. John is the Founder of RxApps (@rxapps). RxApps supplements standard management of chronic illness using customizable text message prompts to track patient health, experience, and behavior metrics that influence outcomes. RxApps is headquartered in Cambridge, MA.

Marty Jaramillo & Andy Quinn

Yingo Yango

Marty and Andy are on a mission to unite the highly fragmented health/wellness industry. They are the founders of Yingo Yango (@yingoyango). Yingo Yango (@yingoyango) is a white-label, stand alone, mobile patient engagement platform that integrates ecosystems of care. The platform is designed to maximize long-term employee/patient engagement, reduce readmissions, as well as brand clients as health minded, patient centric, and caring organizations. The low cost “connecting the dots” solution is designed for corporations, carriers, and providers. Yingo Yango is based in New York, NY.

April 2013

Robert Stern

@Point of Care

Robert is a serial entrepreneur on a mission to provide true clinician and patient collaboration for positive patient outcomes. Robert is the Founder and CEO of @Point of Care 360, a continually updated point-of-care reference tool and platform for the clinician, which interfaces with customized real-time patient-care journals. Robert is also the Founder, President, and CEO of Projects In Knowledge and Founder and past President and CEO of MedPage Today. Previously, he was the President of, Co-founder of Fingertip Formulary, and editor of Genome. In 2009, Stern was named one of the 100 most inspiring and influential people in life sciences by

Kurt Brenkus

Aver Informatics

Kurt, Founder and CEO of Aver Informatics (@averinformatics), is working to make health care data more accessible so organizations can easily translate their enterprise data into actionable insights that lower healthcare costs and improve care. Aver is a modern social, big data platform with patent-pending technology that helps health organizations leverage their enterprise data without needing teams of analysts, technologists, and data scientists. Aver is headquartered in Green Bay, WI.

Andrey Ostrovsky, MD & Jeffrey Levy

Care at Hand

Andrey and Jeff, Co-founders of Care at Hand (@careathand), have designed a mobile early warning system for elderly home care that decreases readmissions and empowers home care workers with less formal training to document health observations more easily. Care at Hand’s technology platform transforms those observations into predictive alerts to supervising nurses for early disease detection and improved outcomes. Care at Hand is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

Asif Khan, Michael Davolt, & Fahad Aziz


Asif, Michael, and Fahad, Co-founders of Caremerge (@caremerge), are on a mission to transform healthcare coordination for seniors and their families. Caremerge is a communication, care coordination, and transitions platform with an immediate focus on senior healthcare. The Caremerge mobile/web apps allow care providers, families, caregivers, and patients to access and exchange key information to facilitate efficiency and timely care decisions. Caremerge is headquartered in Chicago, IL.

Adam Simon


Adam, Founder of Cerora (@cerora1), is a scientist and entrepreneur on a mission to deliver actionable diagnostics information regarding brain health and function to patients, physicians, and companies. To date, there is no portable, objective, accurate, and affordable diagnostic tool to assess brain function and to assist in patient decision making for neurologic and neuropsychiatric diseases. Cerora is changing this paradigm by offering objective biomarker data to physicians, certified athletic trainers, nurses, and emergency medical technicians to aid them in the diagnosis and management of concussion and Alzheimer’s disease. Cerora is headquartered in Bethlehem, PA.

Andrei Zimiles

Andrei, Co-founder and President of (@doctor), is on a mission to improve the way doctors and patients connect online. At the core of’s platform is a proprietary database of more than 2.5 million healthcare providers that is updated hundreds of times every day. Driving these updates are the thousands of hospitals and medical practices that actively use the platform to showcase their unique services and connect with new patients. Available via a network of partner websites or at, patients use the platform to find and compare providers, book appointments, receive treatment-related alerts, and share feedback about their experiences. is headquartered in New York, NY.

Nir Leibovich, Jason Wang, & David Mittelman, PhD

Gene by Gene

Nir, Jason, and David, Co-founders of Arpeggi, are on a mission to make it easy and affordable for anyone to translate genomic data into actionable information. Arpeggi has been acquired by Gene by Gene, where Nir, Jason, and David are now key team members. Gene By Gene offers the most complete family of integrated multi-disciplinary genetic testing services, with state-of-the-art laboratory and capabilities. Gene by Gene is located in Houston, TX.

Chris Rooney & Liam Ryan


Chris and Liam founded GetHealth (@gethealthapp) at the age of 22. Their friendship started as musicians (trombone and French horn) in the National Youth Orchestra of Ireland and continued as students in college, with Chris studying business and law at University College Dublin and Liam studying Engineering at Trinity College Dublin. Having finished college, they found that many programs for improving your health were dull, boring, and difficult. Whether it was complicated calorie-counting regimes or the latest fad-diet, Chris and Liam wanted to find a way to cut through the noise and make the process of getting healthy simple, fun, and engaging. They saw the solution to this problem lay in the ever-increasing use of mobile and online technology as a part of our daily lives. With this in mind, they set out to re-imagine what it means to change behaviour and help people live healthier, happier lives. With the healthcare problems of today, there is a need for personalities that will act as a catalyst for people to engage in their health and pioneer change. Now, they’re embarking on adventures and opportunities as healthcare entrepreneurs, working hard to change people’s lives and give them the tools they need for that to become a reality. GetHealth is headquartered in Ireland.

Natasha Alexeeva & Foster Carr, MD


Natasha and Foster, Co-founders of GoGoHealth (@gogohealthllc), are on a mission to allow patients experiencing illness or discomfort to easily describe their symptoms to their provider and get medical advice, a diagnosis, and a prescription via computer or mobile device. GoGoHealth’s clinical protocols software uses intelligent diagnosis algorithms to gather symptoms and health history data that provides a complete view of patient’s history. These are presented to patients as simple question and answer choices which are saved as part of their electronic health records. Using GoGoHealth’s EHR-integrated platform, providers can also choose to create their own easy-to-design clinical algorithms using a wide range of design and algorithm flows. GoGoHealth is headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

Dave Mullinix


Dave, Co-Founder of IntelligentM (@imaintelligentm), is on a mission to transform clinical hand hygiene monitoring in healthcare settings, drive down infection rates, and improve outcomes for patients and costs for providers. IntelligentM is a revolutionary Hand Hygiene Compliance Improvement Solution for healthcare facilities. Use of the iM System results in decreased Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI’s) and their substantial associated costs. IntelligentM is headquartered in Sarasota, FL.

Halland Chen, MD & Demetrios Xenakis


Halland and Demetrios co-founded itMD (@itmdnet) with a team of other physicians and technologists who are on a mission to help patients deal with the difficulties and inefficiencies of accessing their medical imaging records. itMD is a cloud-based medical image sharing company that enables the on-demand exchange of medical imaging information from anywhere to anyone. Users on the itMD Network can easily send, share, and access medical imaging information online with just a web-browser or mobile device, thus no special software is necessary. itMD is empowering patients to connect with their doctors and allowing organizations to share data with healthcare providers/recipients with a collaborative, cloud-based application. itMD helps drive the ability to improve the quality of healthcare and decrease costs. itMD is headquartered in Miami, FL.

Leon Eisen, PhD

Oxitone Medical

Leon, Founder and CEO of Oxitone Medical, is on a mission to dramatically improve patient safety by enabling early clinical response to acute pulmonary or cardiac dysfunction symptoms through continuous monitoring of pulse oximetry. Oxitone has developed the world’s first wrist pulse oximeter without a fingertip probe enabling comfortable, remote, and continuous monitoring of blood oxygen level, pulse rate, beat-to-beat variation, and activity out of the hospital environment anywhere, anytime throughout day and night. Oxitone is headquartered in Isreal.

Melissa Thompson


Melissa, Founder of TalkSession (@talksession), is on a mission to empower patients to talk about mental health issues by easily finding and connecting with trusted mental health professionals. TalkSession’s online platform allows patients to find relevant mental healthcare providers and equips those providers with tools to enhance the quality of care delivered and improve treatment outcomes. TalkSession is headquartered in Honolulu, HI.

Blain Tomlinson & Dr. David Eckhous


Blain and David, Co-Founders of WalkJoy (@walkjoyinc), are on a mission to restore balance, improve gait, and reduce falls for people with peripheral neuropathy and the elderly. WalkJoy and Walking Health represent landmark development in restoring of gait and balance for PN patients as well as providing important walking diagnostics in all patients. WalkJoy and Walking Health deliver precise measurement, convenience, and ease of use — resulting in a paradigm shift in gate lab analysis and ongoing patient care and monitoring for most of the adult patient population. WalkJoy is headquartered in Long Beach, CA.

September 2012

Jonathon Feit & Christian Witt

Beyond Lucid Technologies

Jonathon and Christian are entrepreneurs on a mission to improve emergency care by putting digital innovations in the hands of EMTs and Firefighters. Jonathon (CEO) and Christian (President & CTO) co-founded Beyond Lucid Technologies (@JonathonFeit / @BeyondLucid). The company’s MEDIVIEW™ Platform is designed to connect First Responders with care facilities, including Accountable Care Organizations. It is the first electronic patient care record system built specifically for disaster management, including integrated satellite-based GPS that works both online and offline (i.e., when the network shuts down), and telehealth capabilities that let care providers access prehospital data within 30 seconds, making patient pre-registrations possible at last. Jonathon and Christian co-founded Beyond Lucid Technologies in 2009, while completing their MBAs at Carnegie Mellon University, which is an early investor in the company. Dell and Microsoft are partners, and the company received an NIH grant in 2010.

Rebecca Woodcock

Cake Health

Rebecca is an entrepreneur on a mission to help people save money on healthcare by bringing transparency to health expenses. Rebecca is the Founder and CEO of Cake Health (@cakehealth), a free web service that makes it easy for people to understand and manage all their health expenses. Rebecca was recently named as one of “15 Women in Tech to Watch in 2012″ by Inc. Magazine. Cake Health, based in San Francisco, CA, is a Rock Health graduate and has raised seed funding from prominent investors such as 500 Startups, George Zachary and Kirill Sheynkman.

Sherwin Sheik


Sherwin is an entrepreneur on a mission to leverage technology to disrupt, disintermediate, and improve the entire in-home caregiving service delivery industry. Sherwin is the Founder and CEO of CareLinx (@carelinx), an online professional caregiver network that provides solutions to help consumers & institutions easily find, screen, manage, and pay caregivers who match their specific needs and budget. CareLinx is well positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for caregivers with the aging of our population. CareLinx, headquartered in San Francisco, CA, has raised $1.5 million to date and has several thousand caregivers in its network across the United States. Prior to founding CareLinx, Sherwin was a successful healthcare analyst and trader at a Hedge Fund.

Alan Blaustein & Nancy Snyderman, MD


Alan’s passion for healthcare solutions began with his thymic cancer diagnosis in 2005. Frustrated with the limited resources available to effectively navigate the healthcare system, he leaned on his longtime friend Dr. Nancy Snyderman, NBC’s Chief Medical Editor, for support. After Alan’s recovery, the friends realized there was a need for a service to help patients and caregivers make better decisions amid the healthcare system’s many complexities. In June 2012, they launched CarePlanners (@careplanners) to provide patient and caregiver navigation, coordination, and organization solutions through a nationwide team of healthcare experts (e.g. – registered nurses, social workers, Medicare experts, insurance and billing specialists, and other healthcare advocates) and a sophisticated set of online decision-making support tools. CarePlanners is headquartered in New York, NY. Alan, an attorney to the burgeoning Internet marketplace in the late 1990s, was also one of the Internet’s earliest entrepreneurs, holding senior leadership positions at About, Flexplay, and OpenSky. Dr. Nancy Snyderman is a surgeon, a caregiver, and a journalist.

Mitesh Patel, MD, MBA, Sachin Nanavati, & Derek Juang, MD


Mitesh, Sachin, and Derek are a team of physicians and entrepreneurs on a mission to transform the way medical research is communicated to doctors and ease the burden of hospital accreditation. They co-founded Docphin (@docphin), a platform for healthcare providers to personalize, share, and connect through medical research, while enabling hospitals to meet new accreditation and funding requirements. Mitesh (CEO), Sachin (COO), and Derek (CTO) launched Docphin nationally in May 2012 at three medical centers and by August it had spread to over 35 of the top health systems in the country including Harvard, Penn, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, and UCSF. Docphin has partnered with several national organizations including the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). Docphin is a graduate of Rock Health, is a 2012 DCtoVC finalist, and is based in New York, NY.

Eve Phillips

Empower Interactive

Eve is an entrepreneur on a mission to reduce the cost and accessibility of behavioral health solutions and transform evidence-based psychotherapy. Eve is the Co-founder and CEO of Empower Interactive (@empowerco), a telehealth and e-learning company, which is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. Eve has held product, strategy, and business development roles in companies such as Microsoft, Zazzle, and eCert, and has also been a member of the investment teams at Amadeus Capital Partners, Vector Capital, and Greylock Partners.

Derek Flanzraich


Derek is an entrepreneur on a mission to make everyone a “Greatist,” someone who simply makes better choices for their fitness, health, and happiness. Derek is the Founder and CEO of Greatist (@greatist), the fastest-growing site in the health and fitness space with nearly 2 million unique users per month. Greatist, launched in 2011 in New York, NY, is the first brand to focus on creating a new type of high quality social content consumers can trust. Greatist has been seen on TIME, Fortune, Forbes, Mashable, Men’s Fitness, TechCrunch, The Wall Street Journal, and Health Magazine. Prior to Greatist, Derek was at (acquired by CBS) and NBC Universal’s Digital Entertainment Strategy & Operations. Read Greatist’s Health and Fitness Manifesto at

Chris Mastergeorge

Lindi Skin

Chris is an entrepreneur on a mission to ease the burden of cancer treatment. Chris is the President of Lindi Skin (@lindiskin), founded by Lindy Snider in 2003 with a line of skin care products designed for the skin-related side-effects of cancer treatment. Lindi Skin’s new social, curating platform allows users to find personal care, dietary, and convenience items that have been a) approved by doctors & experts as appropriate for people living through cancer, and b) reviewed and recommended by others with similar medical conditions and treatment schedules. Lindi Skin is based in West Conshohocken, PA.

Venkat Gullapalli, MD


Venkat is a physician, pharmaceutical marketer, and serial entrepreneur on a mission to reinvent how pharmaceutical brands communicate with healthcare professionals (HCPs). Venkat is the Founder and CEO of Medikly (@medikly), a turnkey enterprise platform provider that helps bridge the digital gap between pharma and HCPs. Medikly is headquartered in New York, NY, and its customers include top-10 pharmaceutical companies and healthcare marketing agencies. The company is growing quickly and is backed by Strategic America and the digital health accelerator Blueprint Health, among others.

Steven Eisenberg, MD, Kenny Engels, & Unha Engels


Steven (@drseisenberg) is a serial entrepreneur and physician on a mission to improve the patient experience. Along with Co-founders Kenny and Unha, Steven founded Workup, headquartered in New York, NY, to address the need for better EHR tools, predict downstream benefits for patients, and reduce provider overhead and errors. Workup develops medical project management tools powered by homegrown APIs for medical task management, designed with dependencies of pathway-based medicine and corresponding administrative burdens in mind.

March 2012

Nadeem Kassam & Jef Holove


Nadeem is a serial entrepreneur on a mission to reinvent how people track and manage their health.  Nadeem is the Founder and Chief Alliance Officer at Basis (@mybasis), which he manages with Jef Holove as the CEO, and is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. The company has raised $9 Million in a Series A from Norwest Venture Partners & DCM. In March 2014, Basis was acquired by Intel.

Bill & Cora Scott


Bill is a Board Certified Neurotherapist on a mission to revolutionize therapeutic treatment options by giving clinicians the ability to easily and cost-effectively use neurofeedback to help patients train their brains to be more adaptive and healthy. Bill is CEO of BrainPaint (@treatment4ptsd, @addictedbrains), which he co-founded with Cora Scott, President, and is headquartered in Malibu.  BrainPaint is profitable and growing rapidly with over a 125 customers including Promises treatment centers and hospitals in 35 states and 7 countries.

Hesky Kutscher


Hesky is a serial entrepreneur on a mission to revolutionize and simplify the way families manage their children’s health. Hesky is Founder and CEO of CareDox (@caredox) — previously known as MotherKnows (@motherknows) — headquartered in Palo Alto, CA. CareDox has raised $1.7 Million in a Series A from First Round Capital, Charles River Ventures, Giza Ventures, and Band of Angels. Hesky’s previous company Shoplocal was acquired by Tribune and Gannett in 2004. Hesky is also Chariman and founder of High Gear Media, a leading automotive content network.

David Wong, MD, PhD & Raj Gupta, MD, PhD

Direct Dermatology

David is a dermatologist on a mission to make it easy and affordable for anyone to get online access to board-certified dermatologists and get immediate assistance in the diagnosis and management of skin diseases.  David is CEO of Direct Dermatology (@directderm), which he co-founded with Rajnish Gupta, MD, PhD, and is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA. Direct Dermatology has received funding by California HealthCare Foundation and angel investors.

Bronwyn Spira & Mark Lieberman

FORCE Therapeutics

Bronwyn is a physical therapist on a mission to deliver mobile applications for physical therapists that transform the delivery of care. Bronwyn is Co-founder and President of FORCE Therapeutics (@forcetherex), which she founded with her husband Mark Lieberman, a serial entrepreneur and technology executive, and is headquartered in New York, NY. FORCE Therapeutics has raised seed funding from prominent CEO investors including Thomas Layton, John Pleasants, Joseph Varet, and Randall Winn.

Veer Gidwaney & Vinay Gidwaney

Maxwell Health

Veer is a serial entrepreneur on a mission to improve people’s health by pairing the highest quality health plans in the country with world-class wellness services and technology. Veer is CEO of Maxwell Health (@maxwellhealth), which he co-founded along with Vinay Gidwaney, Chief Product Officer. Maxwell Health is headquartered in New York, NY, and Cambridge, MA. Veer’s previous company Control-F1 was acquired by Computer Associates in 2005.

Sundeep Bhan & Jason Bhan, MD


Sundeep is a serial entrepreneur on a mission to revolutionize the way physicians and patients leverage lab testing to make better decisions leading to improved health. Sundeep is Co-founder and CEO of Medivo (@gomedivo), which he co-founded with Jason Bhan, MD, and Destry Sulkes, MD, and is headquartered in New York, NY. The company recently raised $7 Million in a Series A from Safeguard Scientifics. Sundeep’s previous company Medsite was acquired by WebMD in 2006.

Samer Hamadeh

Zeel Networks

Samer is a serial entrepreneur on a mission to make it easier for people to find and book appointments with alternative healthcare and wellness practitioners ranging from acupuncturists and chiropractors to massage therapists, physical therapists, and personal trainers. Samer is the Founder and CEO of Zeel Networks (@getzeel), headquartered in New York NY. Zeel has raised over $1.5 million in seed funding from angel investors including Esther Dyson, Ravi Mhatre, Tim Kendall, and Matt Ocko. Samer was recently EIR at Lightspeed Venture Partners. Samer’s last venture, career site, was acquired by private equity firm Veronis Suhler Stevenson in 2007.