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Are you on a mission to transform healthcare? Get access to coaching, investment and expertise from GE Ventures and StartUp Health to scale your business.

The application period for the StartUp Health Academy with GE Ventures has closed. If you'd like to apply to StartUp Health Academy in general, please click the button below.

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Helping Startups Grow
Our initial program's participants have hit some amazing milestones and we look forward to partnering with a new group of entrepreneurs, offering them StartUp Health’s powerful platform to gain traction and GE’s global network to help them scale.”
Ruchita Sinha, GE Ventures

The StartUp Health Academy helps healthcare entrepreneurs navigate the unique challenges of building successful growth companies. Together, with GE Ventures, StartUp Health is expanding the success of their relationship to foster innovation in health payment and virtual health solutions. Select companies will be invited to participate in the GE Ventures & StartUp Health Entrepreneurship Program ("Program"), which includes enrollment in the StartUp Health Academy's three-year entrepreneurial coaching program and access to the StartUp Health Network, a curated network of relationships with industry stakeholders. In addition, companies within the Program will be eligible to receive a $50,000 investment from GE Ventures and StartUp Health, and access to GE Ventures experts, business leaders and customers.

Press Release

StartUp Health is now accepting applications from companies with health payment and virtual health solutions.​​

    Step 1: Review the criteria to make sure your startup qualifies. If you want to apply, submit your application online by November 4, 2015 (11:59 PM EDT). All applications must be in English and nothing confidential or proprietary should be included. You are granting no rights to any intellectual property by submitting an application.
    Step 2: GE Ventures and StartUp Health will review all applications and identify companies we’d like to learn more about. Applicants may be contacted for additional information during the review phase.
    Step 3: Select companies will be invited to the interview round (in person or videoconference) in November.
    Step 4: Select companies from the interview round will be invited to complete diligence and formally enroll in the Program, throughout November and December.
    Step 5: Initial companies will be publicly announced in January 2016.

*There will be additional calls for innovations around new themes throughout 2016.

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Healthcare Transformers are those extraordinary and passionate entrepreneurs and innovators who are on a mission to solve a great challenge of our time: fixing a broken healthcare system in a way that improves care and dramatically reduces costs.

Over the coming year, GE Ventures and StartUp Health are inviting Healthcare Transformers focused on a series of themes to participate in the StartUp Health Academy, and this unique three-year Program. Companies will be selected in a series of calls for innovations, the first of which begins on October 6, 2015, focused on payment solutions and virtual health platforms.

The program will initially support startups and early-stage growth companies that fit any of the following areas of focus:

Payment solutions including network offerings, point solutions and claims free economy

  • Network offerings that include: supporting private exchanges, provider cost and performance analytics, healthcare payments and remittance clearinghouses, health information exchanges, claims dispute management, fraud monitoring and mitigation, provider database and credentialing, online consumer portals and apps.
  • Point solutions that include: e-wallets, patient eligibility verification and liability estimation, electronic receivables management, point of care consumer payment processing, e-pay or tokenized payment processing, online shopping sites.
  • Claims-free economy solutions that include: subscriptions, flat-fees, shopping sites for health.

Virtual health platforms

  • Virtual health platforms that enable clinician-to-clinician engagement, specialist referral, interpretation services, second opinions, clinician-to-patient engagement, remote monitoring, e-visits/consultations, store-forward diagnosis.

Additional considerations which will be used to select the right entrepreneurs and startups for this Program include:


We are looking first for companies that have early traction, seed capital raised, a runway to operate for at least six months and a clear business model and monetization strategy in place. We encourage idea stage companies to apply, but you should have a clear business model and monetization strategy.


We are looking to work with teams of experienced entrepreneurs who have previously built successful companies or innovators with relevant experience in the healthcare industry. Entrepreneurs, and their co-founders, should be focused full-time on their business.

Customer Focus

In today’s environment everyone is a healthcare customer. We are looking for solutions that benefit providers, payors, self-insured employers, and consumers.


Entrepreneurs must be coachable, committed full-time, “batteries included” and excited to share their energy with the Healthcare Transformer community. Since this is a three-year Program, it is important that you embrace the peer group process and be open to coaching from StartUp Health coaches, GE Ventures experts and fellow entrepreneurs in the Academy.


For this Program it is strongly preferred that companies be based in the United States or be willing to relocate and incorporate in the US. This geographic requirement refers to the GE Ventures & StartUp Health Entrepreneurship Program only. International startups are encouraged to apply to the StartUp Health Academy outside of this Program.

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GE Ventures and StartUp Health have designed this Program to help startups build growth businesses in healthcare. The Program is open to selected companies in exchange for a 2-10% equity ownership by GE Ventures and StartUp Health LLC.

We have specifically designed the Academy and this Program to provide maximum impact over the long-term relationship at regular intervals, rather than ad-hoc mentoring.

Benefits include:

  • Enrollment in the StartUp Health Academy, a long-term entrepreneurial coaching program supporting companies through the biggest challenges and opportunities during each phase of their startup
  • Participating companies will be eligible to receive an investment of $50,000 total ($25,000 from GE Ventures, $25,000 from StartUp Health Ventures)
  • On a select basis, access to GE Ventures experts, business leaders and customers
  • Access to Weekly Strategy Sessions, StartUp Health-led strategic coaching sessions that are designed to address the most common, yet most complex challenges in building a digital health company​
  • Access to the StartUp Health Exchange platform to collaborate without friction and access intel and profiles on committed industry stakeholders
  • Access to the StartUp Health Network, a curated network of industry stakeholders including customers, investors and experts
  • Joining the Healthcare Transformer Community, a trusted peer network of entrepreneurs
  • Thought leadership and promotional opportunities through events, social media, newsletters and other digital mediums